Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Fatigue

7:00 AM - I am woken from a sound sleep by three children jumping on my bed saying, "Mommy, Wake up!" over and over again. To their credit I DID ask them to help me get out of bed on time today (what was I thinking?) but WHAT a rude awakening.

7:20 AM - Actually dragged my body out of bed and into the shower. Challenged the kids to get dressed before I finish my shower (we race every morning).

7:35 AM - Now that all four of us were dressed we headed downstairs were I quickly made everyone's breakfast, reminding them that our goal was to leave the house by 8:00 (so the boys could have time to play at my friend's house who drives them to school MWF). I set the timer for 15 minutes for everyone to eat.

7:50 AM - Began begging/nagging/encouraging the kids to MOVE: clean up from breakfast, brush hair and teeth, wash faces, put on coats, get their school bags, etc. all while I finish getting ready for the day ahead by packing lunches, applying makeup, brushing my own hair and teeth.

8:15 AM - Headed to the car

8:20 - Dropped the boys off at friends' house

8:25 - J and I arrived at school and headed to my room to finish setting up my room for today.

8:55 - Dropped J off at her classroom and began working with my first two kids.

9:00 - 12:00 - Worked with my group of two/three year olds to help them make their own challah, decorate a brown bag to bring said challah home, use words to take turns and ask for things, sing and dance to new songs, read stories, celebrate Shabbat with the whole school, enjoy an oneg Shabbat (a snack of grape juice, challah, and the oh so traditional Pirate Booty) back in our room, and then run and play outside for recess time.

12:00 - 2:00 -Lead a Parent/Child Shabbat lunch, service, craft, and snack

2:15 - Arrived at home. Pushed kids to do their regular to do lists and then lay on the couch to have some "Quiet Time" - totally necessary for them and me.

2:45 - Sat down to blog.

Here's the plan for the rest of this LOOOONG day:
Fold one load of laundry and put it away (it's being "fluffed" as we speak - well, as I type)

3:25 - Go pick up friend's daughter from her second preschool (E. picks up the boys from Kindergarten a few times a week and brings them to school, I pick up E's daughter on Fridays and keep her with us until around 7:15/7:30)

Make deposits at two banks (or "Lollipop Stores" - just depends on who you ask

Respond to two inquiries about parties (one phone call, one e-mail)

Make potatoes and cooked carrots (only vegetable we have in the house right now - I'm overdue to go to Produce Junction) to bring with me to Shabbat dinner at my parents'.

Fold and put away next load of launry

Clean kitchen counters (they're not too bad right now so shouldn't take too long)

Clear off dining room table (also not too bad)

Pick up crap in living room, including the pile of pretzels that spilled out of one of the boys' schoolbags

Get all four kids to use the potty, put on their shoes and coats, and into the car.

Go to my parents' for dinner and help get everything set up for all of us, all while refereeing the six kids (my niece and nephew will be there too)

"Sit" for dinner: make sure all the kids say the blessings as we light the candles and bless the food then work with my sister to cut up and pass out food to all of the kids. Try to eat a bite or two before one or two of the kids needs something else.

Clean up dishes, toys, children.

Change my three into their pjs.

Go home.

Put kids in bed.



Haylee's Gifts said...

Hope it gets better!! I feel for you I'm a stay at home mom too!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

"Lollipop store" Ha! That cracked me up. Poor Alexis will never know that joy since we only use ATMs. Poor kid.