Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cough. ZZZZZzzz. Cough.

And now I have to REALLY suck it up. School starts again today. I'm going to get a sub for Hebrew school tonight, but I think it's just too hard to get a sub for my little guys today, so I'm going to go in and demonstrate how to do the "elephant cough" the right way. What? You don't know what the elephant cough is? That's how we teach the kids to cough: put your arm across your face so you end up coughing into the inside of your arm, on the other side of your elbow. Do it right and it looks like you're making an elephant trunk. Cute, huh. So I'll be showing them all how Miss R "elephant coughs" all morning long. And I'll be washing my hands a lot.

I know I have to suck it up, so I'll just take a moment now to whine and complain. Then I'll be done and ready to face the rest of the day.
  • My chest hurts from all the coughing I've been doing.
  • My nose is red, raw, dry, and sore.
  • The house is a mess because I have not been able to stay on top of it for the last few days.
  • My neck hurts from both all the coughing and from attempting to sleep sitting up, forcing my neck to rest at an unatural angle.
  • I am still coughing a lot - though I think the cold medicine has finally started taking effect. I'm sure I will need to take another dose by nine or so. I can take another dose at 11.
  • I'm SO SO SO tired. Couldn't stop coughing until about midnight, and woke up coughing terribly around 6:30 or so. Not bad, but definitely not enough. Especially since I have not had enough sleep the last few days.
  • Blech!

Okay, that being said, I'm doing much better!

Anybody else watch the Today show this morning? I heard a mom talk about this GREAT web business she started in October, kind of a Netflix for toys. What a great idea!!!

Alright, time to get moving. I'm not dying anymore, but I may be sleepwalking.

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