Monday, September 25, 2006

30 Days of Joy - Day One

I'm stealing Chaotic Mom's idea and starting my own 30 days of peace (thanks to her for the banner). I think when I'm this stressed out, it's important to reflect on at least one good thing each day. I'm going to attempt to find something each day that really makes me smile and blog about it before I go to bed.

I love hearing myself reflected in my daughter. The latest example is that I hear her call her dolls and Baby J "Sweetie." I always call my kids (and my students) by endearments, everything from "Sweetie" to "Honeybun" to "Cutie Patootie." I never really think twice about it until one of them comments on it (DN-A tells me that he's not ____, he's DN-A!) or I hear them echoing it.

I defintitely like that reflection much better than when I saw her drag her large stuffed duck (the thing is almost as big as she is) into the bathroom and in an angry voice tell it, "You stay here in time out! No hitting!" This was repeated over and over - one time she wouldn't let the duck leave the bathroom all night! While I do admit to putting her in timeout like that a few times for that reason, it was never in the bathroom and it was never overnight!

She cracks me up.


M-j said...

I am glad you are working on this. You seem to need it. You have so much going on in your life and could clearly use a break. Remember that you are a mom of three, one with special needs. It ain't easy! And then add in two extra kids a day, school schedules, naps, lunches, and then the daily routines, what else is there?
I know you can't do choir right now but it is the one thing I refused to quit. I really don't have time for it, but it is something I enjoy and won't give it up since it brings me joy. SO that means no swim lessons for Bug Boy, since it is the same night. And I don't feel guilty! I am ddoing it for me!
I know it is difficult, but please try to do stuff for yoU! If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Trace said...

Good luck with your days of Joy!

Lauren said...

I like the "30 days of peace" idea.

My boys try to limit my computer time, like I limit theirs. It's actually a pretty good idea . . . .