Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thirteen Things I'm Proud of This Week

Thirteen Things about R

1. I went through SO many papers on Tuesday and Thursday (when all the kids but DN-J were in school) I can't even believe it!

2. I got to balance the checkbook and found TWO mistakes in MY FAVOR!

3. I paid all the bills.

4. I purged my bill files and whittled it down to ONE file marked monthly bills. Since everything can be found on-line now, I am only going ot be saving bills and statements for one month, then shredding.

5. I talked with the OT on Monday and after observing A she agrees that he should be receiving OT at least one hour a week, which is 210 minutes MORE than was suggested on his IEP/month.

6. I filled out my jury duty form and hopefully will get excused since I can't afford childcare for all five kids for the day or more.

7. I made the decision to lessen my stress level and backed out of being co-leader of Mothers and More.

8. This decision did not appear to anger any members of the club (even though I left them hanging) and someone has already stepped up to take over for me.

9. What a relief!

10. I managed to make an apple cake (love my Tastefully Simple mixes!) for my Creative Memories party last night.

11. We raised well over my goal for our Walk Now for Cure Autism Now this Saturday.

12. I finally got around to registering DH's car - oops!

13. Cleaned up the house yesterday afternoon and it's still clean!!!

Amazing the difference a few days and two mornings to myself makes! :)

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1 comment:

abbe said...

Yay, Rachel! Doesn't that all feel good! Keep looking at this list for the next few days and remember how good it felt to post it! Then, start working on next week's list! You'll feel even better then!

Yasher koach!