Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Thanks, M-J, for the simple update idea!

Transitioning back into the "back to school" mentality, being in charge all day, every day - it's tough! I'm tired!!! Have to set up that darn TiVo I got because I KNOW that will help get me in bed earlier than I did last night.

Last night had our Hebrew School orientation. This was the first time Hebrew School was separate from religious school for the orientation, so we had to time to delve into specific teaching ideas to help the kids gain more understanding of each prayer that we work on.

I have a whole blog post to write about faith and Judaism and religion. I'm not up for it now, nor do I have the time, but I have lots of thoughts about the subject and am not sure how to write them in a way that won't put some people on the defensive. Guess I just need to go back to the fact that this blog is first and foremost for me, a place to put down my thoughts. More to come on this topic.

I have Religious School orientation tonight. I had picked up a bunch of books from our education director on teaching Hebrew in the context of prayer yesterday, all that I had learned about from a workshop I went to last week. Today I have to remember to actually pick up all my text books/teacher guides so I can start planning. After all, school starts on Sunday!

I have some exciting new ideas that I want to implement in my Hebrew School classroom. But as usual, everything takes time that I don't have to set it up. I'll figure it out. I have to!

I better go. I have to send out an e-mail to begin fundraising for the 5K walk for Cure Autism Now. We created a family team - have to make sure all the family registers and starts raising their own money, too.


M-j said...

Way to go! You will get it done.
I am glad you are doing the walk, hope to see you there!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

I liked hearing about the walk, too. ;)

M-j, you doing it?