Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about R

I'm too tired to think of some creative topic, or even think of things I like about myself (see Shannon's contest if you're interested), so here are the random things running through my mind right now.

1. A just brought me a videotape. When I told him we're not watching anything in my room, he said, "I thought you wanted to watch the Wiggles." Yeah, that's right, Mommy, it's for you. Yeah.

2. I took all five to school today to meet their teachers. J was SOOOO thrilled to finally be going to school. Every time I mentioned anything about today, her whole face lit up. She will be going T/Th mornings and all three boys will be going all five mornings. What will I do with myself? Don't worry, that is purely a rhetorical question.

3. I'm tired.

4. I have to go to bed EARLY tonight. Being this tired during the day is NOT okay! We have too much to do.

5. Religious School starts Sunday, Hebrew school starts (for me) Tuesday with a different level that I'm teaching on Wednesday. I have a LOT of planning and prep work to do!!!

6. I think I have a mother's helper for Saturday to come with me so I can scrap with a bunch of friends for a few hours. There is a nursery in the church we meet in and I can let my kids play there with the 13 year old girl. I'll be available to help. I'll call her when I'm done - she should be home from school.

7. I had Hebrew orientation Tuesday night and Religious school orientation Wednesday night. Very excited to begin the new school year. I have LOTS of new ideas to try.

8. I would LOVE three uninterrupted hours to plan. It's not going to happen before Sunday, but I would LOVE it!!

9. When am I going to get the time I need to plan out the year and make detailed plans for at least the first week for each of my three classes?!

10. DH won't be home until 6 tonight. He left his cell phone here by accident so I can't even call him. I was out at the orientations the last two nights. Think he'll go for me going out as soon as he gets home to go plan? Hmmmm...

11. We're getting our family picture taken tomorrow afternoon (trying to make that a yearly tradition around this time).

12. What a great way to make a first impression with the other moms in J's class: " any chance do you have a tampon or pad?"

13. Some days I can look around the house and see the various places where I've done a great job organizing. Most days, I look around the house and see all the crap that still needs to get done. Guess what kind of day this is.

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M-j said...

Man, I've been there with the first impression thing. Except it was DH's boss' wife. Talk about embarassing!

Nancy said...

Holy cow! I hope you got some rest. This week has been a sleepy one. My twin girls are going to be 11. It gets easier!