Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I did it!

I managed to clean a good portion of our bedroom today. This has been a total pigsty and seems to be forever the depository for EVERYTHING! It looks so much better now that we can see the floor. Go me!

Tomorrow I'm hosting the first meeting of a playgroup I joined just for MOMS Club members for J. I'm very excited. When I first joined MOMS Club and we started age based playgroups, I wasn't too interested mainly because I wanted to see lots of different moms, not the same ones over and over, and I thought by not joining I would keep my options open. But, unfortunately, almost everyone who was active joined one, and little by little, attendance at open playgroups dropped significantly. In August (or maybe July) I had hosted two events and NO ONE RSVPed. Gee, I didn't feel like a loser at all. :) Okay, maybe a little. I know, I know, it was summertime, a lot of people were away, blah, blah, blah, but still. In any case, it certainly seems that in our chapter, one of the ways to develop close friendships is to join an age-based playgroup. I've heard of playgroups doing their own Moms' Nights Outs (something that the chapter has for everyone once a month but is often poorly attended) in addition to their twice a month playgroups and then some. Bottom line, obviously I have decided if you can't beat them, join them.

And one more thing: had my friend Heather and her kids over yesterday and we played in the back yard. Even though I thoroughly sprayed myself with bug spray, I was clearly eaten alive. I'm going nuts over here!!!

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M-j said...

Sorry you were eaten alive, we were walking to the playground yesterday and Ian was coveredin Mosquitos! And he doesn't know you are supposed to swat them away, so he even got bit near his eye!