Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm tired

I have been so tired the last two days I don't know what to do.
This morning I even was a "Bad Mommy" and laid down while my three watched tv. It was their regular tv time, so it's not like I feel anything's wrong with them watching tv once in a while. I actually fell asleep for an hour or so, interrupted numerous time, of course. I did eventually take the kids to the library (since I only have my three today, it wasn't too bad) so I could at least DO something with them. In a little bit we're headed to the mall to attempt to get our family portrait taken. Keep your fingers crossed that we get something we can use!

I can't figure out why I'm so tired all the time. It could be the new anti-depressant, it could be my thyroid (need to get my bloodwork done), it could be I'm getting overwhelmed by all I need to do. I don't know - I guess I need to start with the medical causes and see if that might be the reason. And maybe I'll go to bed before 10.

Okay, time to brush the kids' hair and get them into the car!

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Anjali said...

There's certainly no need to feel guilty about lying down when the kids are occupied. I myself had a splitting headache this morning, told the kids to play nicely, and came upstairs to lie down.