Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who Would Have Guessed It?

My boys were 2 1/2 when I took them to preschool for the first time. J was six months old, so I carried her into their room in her carrier and watched while the boys ran into the room and began playing immediately, barely looking back. They were so excited to start school.

My nephew was 2 when he started school. He was already used to "school" since he had attended daycare twice a week when J was very young because I couldn't handle him four full days a week yet. Again, he barely looked back as he entered the room, mainly because we had already dropped the boys off down the hall in their classroom. Plus, we were at the boys' classroom from last year - how exciting! All year last year, we had to pull J out of both the boys' classroom and DN-A's classroom. We joked about how ready she was to start school.

So who would have guessed that out of all four kids, J would be the one to cling to me and tell me not to leave?!!

Okay, all four kids are at school. DN-J is sleeping. DH is still home (recovering from his surgery) and is now self-sufficient. It has been a tough week, but luckily I FINALLY got a good night's sleep last night (out of sheer exhaustion) and am feeling ready to go today. I've already gotten a load of laundry washed and it's in the dryer and another one in the washer. I chose to stay home today (instead of hitting the gym) in order to clean (woohoo) and, of course, to update my blog so I won't get accused of slacking again. I'm going to try to do a "crisis cleaning" because I will feel so much better when I can get everything cleaned up! All right, here goes!


Jacksmom said...

Thanks for updating Rachel! You know how very curious I am. So sorry to hear Julia had a rough time at must be a girl thing. My sweet angel has the same problem.
Your Favorite Lurker

Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, I'm free tomorrow. Need some help?

My 13 Quickies are up... ;)

Crystal said...

Hi. I am new to blogging. I hope you will come and visit me sometime.Good Luck with cleaning!