Monday, December 18, 2006

Gotta Whine

My ears hurt. I keep getting ear infections (or one big one that just doesn't go away). I have an appointment for a ENT specialist, but it's not until January. I'll keep trying the ear drops that the doctor prescribed, and I'll call her again tomorrow if it still hurts this much. Blech. And I just finished a full dose of antibiotics for this, though it clearly didn't do it.

B is sick. I feel bad for him, but he is so whiny when he's feeling sick it's so hard! Plus I had some fun things planned for this week, both with the kids and without, but now probably won't be able to do any of them.

I did not do a good job prepping for the holidays this year. I still have a ton to do, and it's all my fault for just not being on top of it this year. I still have gifts to make, cookies to bake to give as gifts for a bunch of different colleagues of DH. I plan on making a holiday control journal after the holidays this year, a way to help me remember all those little things that I forgot this year, like a gift for my teaching assistant (oops) or when to start baking.

Had to take the kids to get their flu shots this afternoon. I'll have to call in tomorrow morning for a sick visit so they can check B out to determine if he's well enough to get it. I HATE holding them down so someone else can cause them pain.

My head HURTS! I have an appointment with a neurologist for the end of the week to check on my frequent headaches, which I bet are connected to the frequent ear infections.

The house is all messy yet again.

The dryer is not working at top capacity, making the time it takes to get through my Mount Washmore even longer.

I STILL am not taking care of myself like I need to. Obviously I need to do this!!!

I just am feeling very overwhelmed. That probably goes along with the whine above. All I want to do is pull the covers over my head.

Okay, thank you for listening. I need to add warm water to B's bath (finally found something that stopped him from whining - playing in the bathtub). Time to get off my butt!


M-j said...

You and I make a great pair today. I have a UTI and headache and clogged ears and sinus pressure. Yuck. The UTI is the worst part, I can deal with being in bed, but being in bed and having to FRICKIN PEE EVERY FIVE SECONDS makes me nuts.
I have been taking a sinus decongestant and that seems to alleviate some of the ear pain. I was taking Tylenol sinus (which they no longer make) and now take Advil Sinus.

Lucy T said...

I am real hopeful that getting the ear infection cleared up will make a huge difference in your well being. I remember a brother of mine going through something similar and having it all be caused by an ear infection. Keep up with the exercise, water, and nutrition too though! I hope the little rabbi gets thru this one quickly. Oh . . before I forget. . just loved the picture card! Beautiful family. Well done card!

Trace said...

It's ok to whine. I hope you feel better soon!