Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tired Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things in RACHEL'sMind This Week

1. B is FINALLY feeling better. I kept him home from school to be on the safe side today, and while he is hanging out on my bed watching tv, the way he is bouncing around shows me things are improving.

2. I think one of the worst things to do as a parent is to hold your child down while someone inflicts pain on them. Had to do that with all three this week - flu shots for A and J and a strep test for B.

3. When B feels lousy he whines. A LOT.

4. When B doesn't feel well, he becomes nearly impossible to understand. I don't know if he stops moving his mouth or his tongue or what, but it's very challenging.

5. Made a whole bunch of delicious chocolate candies yesterday (Thanks Tracy!) to give as gifts. They are so good!

6. Stayed up too late making a whole bunch of delicious chocolate candies yesterday. I'm tired.

7. My kids show incredible gratitude for things we give them it's wonderful.

8. Even with that, I'm getting tired of giving them a present each night for Hannukah and after they unwrap it and they thank us, they ask what else they're getting that week.

9. Next year, we're going to have some alternatives to getting gifts for each night of Hannukah (if I can get DH to agree). They get tons of presents at my in-laws for Christmas.

10. The synagogues sent home a gift of candles this year with ideas on alternatives for presents. Some of them were things like a game night, a movie night, going to a bookstore and selecting a Hannukah book to read, going to an ice cream parlor, things like that. They suggest doing these things after you light the candles each night.

11. I think taking the focus away from receiving presents and putting it more on spending time together as a family would be a great thing!

12. Do you think the kids would totally rebel if we did that?!!

13. Argh! I wasted this morning with the majority at school because after sorting all the laundry in the house, I laid down next to B on the bed. Next thing I knew, an HOUR had gone by. And now it's time to pick them all up again.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mmm. I love the name Aaron.

We don't do a gift-a-night, either. Never have. (it started that way because when our son was born, I asked my husband what his best memory of Hanukkah was. neither of us named gifts)

If you need help making a gift-free Hanukkah for next year, holler!

Happy TT!

amy said...

good glad hes feeling better

Trace said...

Did you make the turtles? This was my first year for them and today I gave them out to coworkers in my little chocolate bundles. I got A TON of compliments. I kept chuckling on the inside and thought how easy they were.

M-j said...

I think that if you start early enough, you can make it about family instead of gifts. My kids don't get much from us since the family does give them things. They do not have much to open. But we have a big breakfast, light a fire, read stories, put on music. It makes it special. He has never in six years asked for more! He loves just spending that time with us.