Friday, December 22, 2006

Was that a seal barking?

No, it was just A!
We were up a lot with A last night, even resorting to the good old sit in the bathroom with the door shut and the hot water running full blast. Of course, once DH set up the shower and went to get A, he told him to go in. A hesitated in the hallway, clearly not knowing exactly where to go in the bathroom. DH told him, "Go sit on the potty." Poor A started melting down in the hallway, clearly thinking this was yet another attempt to potty train him - waking him up in the middle of the night to go in the bathroom with the shower on.

We took all of them to the pediatrician today. B to make sure his lungs were still clear and that the goop coming out of his eyes was truly because of the virus or if it was now pink eye. Nope, still the virus. J was retracting when we got her dressed this morning (you could see her ribs with each breath she took) so we started her on her inhaled steroid. We haven't had to do it for a really long time luckily, so we just wanted to have her lungs listened to - all clear. And A, even though when he woke up this morning seemed fine, we wanted to get his throat looked at to make sure he didn't have strep too. All clear.

On the bright side, DH's last day of school was yesterday, so he was able to go with me to the doctor and will be able to stay home with the kids while I go teach my afternoon Shabbat Parent/Child group.

We will be going to my parents' tonight to celebrate the last night of Hannukah together. Woohoo! I just have to finish my dad's present. I ordered these easy calendars from Miles Kimball (catalog) where you simply select a photo for each month and peel the adhesive and stick it on the themed page. Simple. Except the December page is, of course, a Christmas page. Ooops. Won't work so well at my parents' house! So I have to figure out how to fix that, probably by attaching a Channukah themed page on top or something. Better do it fast since we're giving that tonight!

Okay, back to the kiddies who are all over daddy who is putting together two Thomas the Train sets the boys received from one of his colleagues. Extremely generous and unexpected - bigger than any gift WE gave them this year! I have not heard any coughing in a while, so hopefully that will continue. Maybe the seal that was resting in A's chest overnight has waddled out of the house for good.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, I'm a croup VETERAN. My son's gotten it every single time he's gotten sick, and the past two years, the asthma's been part of the whole package. Lovely.

Worst of all, my asthma reacts to the steamy bathroom; I can't go in there.

Enjoy the last night of Hanukkah. I can't believe it's the last night already; we did NOT make enough latkes this year!

M-j said...

That was so nice of his coworker! I bet the boys love them!
I hope they all feel better soon! Nothing like having a week off with the kids at home SICK.

Chaotic Mom said...

WHAT? A CHRISTMAS PAGE? You'd think the marketers would have thought through that by now. Sheesh. I'm not kidding, either.

HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING NOW?????? I'm hoping better. We're dealing with crud, have been all week. But nothing like you're living with. Seriously, I'm sending some really positive, healthy thoughts your way, lady. ;)