Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tryin' to Tackle it!

In addition to 400 more loads of laundry (give or take) to totally demolish Mt. Washmore, my goal for today, with B watching tv in my bed right behind me because he's sick, is to select all the photos I need to get prints of to complete all gifts I'm putting together. None of them have to be scrapbooked or I'd REALLY be stressed.

I have some adorable pictures like:

The tough part is I have to figure out which picture belongs in each month for the calendars and which calendar should get each picture and how exactly to send each picture to get the prints made - I feel like such a novice when it comes to working with digital pictures. I'm learning as I go on how to save a photo that was e-mailed to me to my computer and then transfer it to snapfish or kodak or some place like that so I can get a print made. I'm sure I'm making this tougher than it needs to be! In any case, I'm shooting for getting them all sent off to get printed by the end of the day today.


M-j said...

I'm cheering you on! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
THe heck with the laundry. Do it next week. As long as there are clean clothes left, that is!

Lucy T said...

They look so cute!!!
Get your drier checked out. Not working to capacity oft means a lint clog. Is there anyway you can check to make sure the exhaust hose isn't clogged anywhere? Lint clogs are not good.