Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about R

This time of year is tough. DH started back at school on Monday, and now I'm left with all of the projects that I wanted to accomplish and no way to do them. Plus he just told me that he'll be having Saturday rehearsals all day every Saturday. I used to get Saturday mornings to myself to do whatever (and he got Friday afternoons). I'm REALLY going to miss that. PLUS that means that I can't get together with friends one Saturday a month to scrapbook, something I had really really really liked doing!

Anyway, I had trouble going to sleep last night (and therefore feel tired today, even though I had two great friends over for a playdate and lunch this morning) because I have so many things I want/need to do running through my mind. This is the list:

1. Create visual schedule for A (my son who has Asperger's)
2. Create stop signs to put on things he's not supposed to open
3. Figure out how to get an advocate for him (I know there are lots of you who read this who might have this info)
4. Apply for medical assistance
5. Find out about our rights regarding an issue we're facing with him (don't know who involved with this might be reading the blog, so I'll stay discrete until we try to deal with this on our own)
6. Begin sending out e-mails to fundraise for WalkNow, raising funds for Autism research (Asperger's is on the spectrum)
7. Get A's physical therapy scheduled.
8. Contact the IU to set up a meeting with the Occupational Therapist, who we're supposed to be consulting with once a month
9. Read the new potty training book we just got in the mail so we can begin to implement the strategies
10. Contact the mom of the other child in A's class who has autism (much more severe, also has a full-time aide) to have her over and "pick her brain"
11. Create some "social stories" for A to read to him (and the other kids) about personal space and even about using the potty
12. Create a "Get Up and Go Chart" (Yes, I watch SuperNanny!) for all the kids (but really for A's benefit since the other kids don't seem to need this, though it won't hurt them) that spells out what has to happen in the morning and then at night before the go downstairs or go to bed.
13. Try to find a good support group in the area for parents of kids with Asperger's so I can bounce ideas off people.

Wow, and that's just A. I also have lots to do to prep for a new year in Hebrew School (LOTS of great new ideas!), Sunday School, and Yaldai Sholom (the Friday Preschool Shabbat program I run); personal stuff for myself like figuring out the basic new diet that my fabulous friend figured out based on all the info on line from the Mayo Clinic; household stuff like trying to finish the projects that are complete yet; etc., etc., etc. . . . . AARGH! Okay, enough whining, just gotta do it!

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Lucy T said...

Great and fabulous adjectives for me in one blog? I feel fabulous now! POP - that was my big head bursting.
Why not invite Josh and his Game Boy over on a regular basis in lieu of formal "personal space" lessons for Aaron? Nothing like the real thing.
Hey - back off, you're in my space! LOL!

Chelle Y. said...

Wow. You have a busy life. My nephew has Hirschsprung's and my sister was busy caring for him his first couple years.

I know the diseases are not the same, but a sick baby makes me sad no matter what they are suffering with.

Mom Nancy said...

Such a lot of work! I know you can get it all done. I'd love to know more about your get up and go charts. I've seen Supernanny but don't quite get how she gets the kids to do it without standing over them every second. I'd love to get Noah going with this as he's in school now.

Shannon said...

Wow! Very busy. Hang in there and just do one task at a time.

I took the challenge this week:

Have a great Thursday!