Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Boot Camp Bit the Dust

We started yesterday all so gung ho about our potty training boot camp, but as the day went on, A became more and more resistant to the idea. Big time. So . . . we wimped out. Is that what I should call it? Neither one of us wants A to think of going to the potty as a negative thing. He did ask to go to the potty twice today, and sat there for a while with his "special potty toys", so that's at least something. I ordered a book on teaching kids on the Autism spectrum how to use the potty and a special adaptive potty to give him more support while he's sitting. The OT had suggested giving him something with handles or bars to hold on to while on the potty, so this seems to fit the bill. They should both be here in a couple days, and after I read the book I'll go from there.

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