Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Thoughts R Thinks Today

1. Effexor is a BITCH to wean off of. Man, I'm STILL not 100%!

2. I just spent 30 minutes trying to link to Monday's post so anyone who was curious to know more about the first thing I listed could just click there but I still couldn't get it to happen. AARGH!

3. We are planning to start a more intense behavior plan to get A to go in the potty at least once this summer. We will be setting the timer for every thirty minutes, keeping him on it for 5-10 minutes at a time. This starts on Monday. I hope this helps. He's four and a half and still does not seem to have any mind/body connection with regards to his bodily functions. Please pray that this is the answer.

4. DH has been in charge of the kids all week as my birthday present this year. Ha ha ha. :) He has already said to me that he just had no idea how tough it was to do this day after day after day. He's doing an incredible job with them, but it's so nice to hear that he has a "new found respect for what I do."

5. Our painting party is on Saturday. Yes, we found eight incredible friends who are willing to come help us paint our house. Woohoo!!!

6. Today I will clean the walls that will be painted with something called TSP, a product I read about in a do it yourself magazine that had an article about (can you believe it?) painting!

7. I got a quart of the each of the colors I will be using yesterday and will try them out on the walls today just to be sure I will really like them.

8. The living room will get a base coat of a cheery yellow and then another coat of a golden color over top, which I will run a new wisk broom over top of to make lines through. Hopefully that will create the effect I see in my mind!

9. The dining room will become a bright red. The color is actually called "Boing!"

10. The stairway and upstairs hallway will become a blue-green teal kind of color. I had wanted bright, electric blue, but couldn't find it on any of the sample cards. I started getting concerned that the color I want will just be too dark for such an enclose, small space. I really hope I like this color!

11. I'm going to try the same color in the bathroom. I think it will go well with the new shower curtain I bought.

12. We hired a financial planner yesterday. We actually took all five kids with us to the office when we met with them to go over all our financial stuff. They were so good! It seems so funny to me that WE would benefit from a planner, especially since we don't really have that much money. At all. Our first goal is to figure out how to create an emergency reserve of at least three months of expenses. Then we'll figure out other stuff like how to start saving for retirement. The planners are going to look at stuff like making sure we have enough insurance and adjusting our withholdings so we don't get that huge tax return check. Right now we have no disability insurance for either of us, and no life insurance for me. We would be so screwed if DH got hurt on the job - we should have insurance for that scenario. And it would be great to get more money each check instead of that big return (though that big check is nice). It feels great knowing that someone is working on all this stuff for us and that in two weeks when we meet again, he will give us a binder with all his suggestions on how to implement everything.

13. I stayed up way too late last night (dumb!!!) so I'm really tired right now, but need to ignore it and get to work taking everything off the walls so I can start cleaning them. Fun.

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Eagle Lover said...

It's great that you have 8 people to come help with the painting this weekend. I hope it all turns out well for you.

Carmen said...

nothing like walking in someone elses shoes to see how their life is. So now hubby may respect you more!

Heather Smith said...

Sounds like you're gonna be busy! I'm getting ready to be doing a lot of painting myself! I need to find friends like yours!
Oh, and about the "good teeth" thing on my blog, I think I'm going to post about that tomorrow!

abrowncow said...

great list, i think i did a "uh-huh" to most of it!

thanks for visiting me!

Tracy said...

#4 - I wish I could do that! :)

Rachel said...

I have always respected my wife and what she did. I do see it is tougher doing it day in and day out, but it only built on the respect I had for her.

Chaotic Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Okay, I need to go back and read Monday's post now.

Good luck with the potty training thing there. We're still having our challenges, probably for similar reasons.

Hubby's been watching the kids most of last week and this one, too. He knows he owes me, and he's also developing understanding.

Make sure you wash ALL of the TSP off very well, or the paint won't stick properly. I say this from "research", first hand research that is.

Sounds like you're having a productive week! Now onto Monday's post...

M-j said...

No TT here, but am looking forward to Saturday!

Rachel said...

Okay, I'm lost - why did you write HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Chaotic Mom?

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Your hubby sounds great to watch the kids this week for your birthday :D..Happy Birthday..and have fun painting.

Mrs. Fun said...

I went to Vegas for two days and Mr. Fun also did great with kids.
Glad you are getting some time off.

Nancy said...

Good luck with all that painting.

I have a set of twins also. It is interesting....

Good luck w. the financial planner.

MysteriousLady said...

I can't imagine taking 5 kids to a meeting. Wait, I gave birth to five kids! Oh yeah!

Isn't wonderful when they behave!

Happy TT

Lynn said...

We re-did our kitchen last summer which also affected our front living area and hallway so we did a lot of painting then......we still have bathrooms to do but I'm still burnt out! We did do some faux painting and I love the results. Hope everything turns out nice!

My TT is up also.

Raggedy said...

Good post..
I love the sound of that color boing!

My TT is up

Deanna said...

have fun painting..and goodluck with the potty...! happy t13

Missi said...

Oh, I do feel you pain about Effexor. I can't take any antidep anymore at all. I take something called Lamactil now. It works, but has weird effects. It is actually a seizure drug but it works with highs and lows.

OK, potty training. If you can sneak a peek at my blog, I do have similar issues. My son has passed the 4yr old mark too. It has been a hard long road. He still has many issues and we are still struggling. I wish you all the luck in the world there is nothing more frustrating than a child that can't potty train when society tells you that they must be even know I (we) know that there other issues involved. Again, I wish you tons of luck with this.