Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My update so you can all get your heads out of the gutter

To get Heather's head out of the gutter and so I won't be accused of slacking again by one of my favorite lurkers (you know who you are!) I better update my blog!

Yesterday was an off day for me. I was up too late the night before (no details are going to be shared about that - you already know way too much about my sex life!) and DH went back to work, which meant so did I. That would have been fine, but I spent ALL day Sunday finishing the living room walls (which look incredible, thank you!) and some other painting. I just couldn't get my butt in gear. Plus, we had nothing planned for the day. I find if I don't plan something (a playdate or an outing of some kind), get something on the calendar for us to do, we barely do anything. I literally was on the couch most of the morning reading and referreeing as needed. Bad Mommy. And I know I'm entitled to these kinds of days once in a while, but I don't feel so good about myself when I do.

So since I clearly needed a pick me up, as soon as DN-A and J were napping, DN-J was playing in her exasaucer (whoever invented that is a genius!) and the boys were having "quiet time", I made myself a cup of Chai tea with lots of sugar and that perked me up enough to get moving.

Therefore I didn't go to bed last night until I had breakfasts prepped (cereal in three bowls with lids, nothing complicated), lunches made for each of the kids AND for me (a sandwich for each of them, but of course they were all extra hungry today and needed TWO sandwiches), and dinner in the crockpot. Just doing that makes a HUGE difference the next day.

I'm starting my diet again today. I have just been too out of control with my eating to not monitor what I eat. Making my lunch the night before helped sooo much since usually I end up grabbing the fastest thing I can so I can eat my lunch before they need me again. I'll have to make sure to do that again tonight.

Since obviously I do better when we have scheduled activities to look forward to, I got on-line and started e-mailing various people to set up stuff for the rest of this week. My fabulous friend was able to come over today and even took some GREAT digital picture of me with the kids that she is going to fool around to make my blog look nicer. Cannot wait to see what she comes up with!

Before I go get J who just woke up from her nap, these are some funny things heard around our household recently:

B: (matter of factly) Daddy, I'm going to say it one more time. I need you to make me another sandwich or I'm going to cry. You don't want me to start quiet time hungry.

J: Hi, Angry Mommy (in case you missed it last week)

A: Yeah, Baby!


Heather said...

Yeah tell those kids you are no longer "Angry Mommy" you are "HAPPY Mommy" (and "Happy Daddy"!!!)

Anonymous said...

I think that "Yeah, Baby" may have come from one of my guys...they have been saying it for a while now :-)

Chaotic Mom said...

I'll e-mail you some of the pics today, smaller resolution for the web. Rest to follow in a disc... ;)

Woo hoo on food prep! I'm finding that a huge help here, too.