Monday, August 14, 2006

Fresh Start . . . Again

As I usually do every couple months, today I began a fresh start. I'm trying to do a sensible eating approach to my diet, trying being the opperative word. I'm going to focus on serving sizes, and on sticking to 3 proteins, 2 milks, 3 fruits, and here's where I'm kind of unsure, but I think it should be 6 bread servings (whole wheat if possible). Basically I'm looking at the food pyramid/old Weight Watchers approach. I have a white board in the kitchen, so I think I'm going to write the categories that I'm shooting for in permanent marker on it and cross it off with a dry erase marker as I eat each one. Then I can clean it off each night. So that's the plan, the way I am going to keep myself accountable, starting tomorrow. If any of you think the amounts I'm shooting for aren't accurate, please let me know!

Tomorrow I will get a chance to box up all the paperwork I have to do and take it to Border's. Hopefully I can get everything sorted out and paid and completed.

I have a HUGE list on the white board on my computer armoire. HUGE. I feel the summer ending rushing up with DH going back to work and my spare time ending, and feel like I have to get everything accomplished or I won't get another chance until next summer! I'm trying to divy it up over the remaining days, so hopefully I can get most of it done.

Well, off to make my list for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the nutrition plan. That's always the best way for me to lose weight. I usually do 5 breads but I might be wrong on that. It's just what I remember.

Have a great week!!!

Chaotic Mom said...


I've been watching what I eat for a little while now. Even that breakfast at Denny's counted as my "dinner" for the day. That little chat we had outside made some sense, but I'm finding exercise and stress control to be VERY beneficial in my weight control, too.


M-j said...

Usually they tell you six grain servings. So that could be rice (brown), wheat (whole) or other grains.

Elaine said...

Dry erase marker erases permanent marker off of a white board (much of the time). But it might work for a little while before it starts to look messy. :)

Good luck!