Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So Much To Do . . .

Just for the record, I am NOT PMSing this week. Not that I don't feel the whole standing on the sidelines looking in feeling that I alluded to in my last Thursday Thirteen, but I have a bunch of great friends who left comments on my blog or e-mailed me to point out that they feel the same way and that they are indeed my friend. Plus, my incredible support group (the local FLYladies) set me straight when I suggested an impromptu "coffeefest" (everything we do is a "fest") and a bunch were able to join me. As we all sat around a long table at Denny's enjoying each other's company, someone pointed out to me quite sarcastically that it sure is a shame I don't have any friends. Okay, okay, point taken.

In any case, I am fed up with the state of my house. I'm trying to focus on all that we have done so far this summer, but what we HAVEN'T yet accomplished (that I still am trying to squeeze in before DH goes back to work) and the general piles of CRAP that are everywhere I look are driving me crazy!

Okay, focusing on the positive, here is what we have accomplished this summer:
1) New shed
2) Designated area for trash cans using slate and gravel
3) Painted hallway and stairwell (the only painting job that is 100% complete)
4) Widened archway between living room and dining room
5) Redecorated bathroom with shower curtain I actually LIKE, plus over the toilet cabinet and matching rug and hand towel
6) Carpet removed, hardwood floors finished in LR/DR
7) Got rid of my old dining room furniture, got new stuff that's just right

Not that that isn't a lot, I know it is, but it's far short of what I planned.
Here is what still needs to either get finished or that I had hoped to accomplish:
1) Top coat of paint in living room
2) Finish painting wardrobe
3) Final coat(s) of paint in dining room (It's taking 400+ coats so far!)
4) Additional coat of magnetic paint in playroom, mural to be painted on top
5) Vinyl tiles in kitchen
6) Painting cabinet doors/drawers in kitchen, new knobs on said doors/drawers
7) Shelves in downstairs hall closet
8) Install threshhold over exposed flooring when archway was widened
9) Rehang pictures
10) Touch up ceiling and baseboards
11) Paint and install 1/4 round to baseboard in LR/DR

Plus I just want to go through the house and clean/declutter from top to bottom.

DH is doing a training for school all day tomorrow and Thursday. He is taking the kids all day Friday and Sunday (he's working Saturday as well). Then he starts school on Monday.

Hmmm...think it's possible to do all of my list in those two days he's in charge of the kids?!!


me said...

blech...painting. it's a chore. i love the way it looks when i'm done, but it's the getting it done. i have the same thing looming in front of me as soon as the kids go back. good luck

Susan said...

Not that this is probably much help now, but if you prime the walls first, you won't need to use as many coats. I didn't realize it, but a friend of mine told me today that primer is quite a bit cheaper than the paint. It's usually best to get the primer mixed in the same color as your paint!

M-j said...

It may not be possible to do ALL of it, but you can do SOME of it. If you need another fest, let us know!
As for the primer Susan, the walls were primed, but the colors are very rich and need many coats!