Tuesday, May 30, 2006


How sad is it that I just discovered I wrote another post with the same title some time before?

I started a cold yesterday (a little bit) but it hit me full force today. And wow, do I feel like crap. I have rested a lot today, so that's good, but it has been getting progressively worse. I even (just to show how bad it is) cancelled my plans to go out tonight with MOMS Club friends AND called the doctor (they'll see me first thing in the morning). I rarely do that so soon into an illness, figuring that it will get better with time, but now my ears are killing me, my glands are swollen, my neck even hurts. The kids are in bed, DH just went out for some decongestant with Tylenol in it for me, and then I'm turning in for the night.

So glad this happened today instead of yesterday, though. We had a fabulous BBQ yesterday afternoon! Family and some FLYlady friends and their kids. We had both baby pools set up and the kids were splashing all over until they figured out that pouring water into the diggin corner of the yard made a huge mud puddle. I swear, these kids looked like they were mud wrestling! I ended up pouring the ice out of one of the bevarage tubs and bathing my kids, one at a time, in it at the end of the party. That was a picture unto itself, though I didn't have my camera. And one of the best parts of hosting a party is the jobs I get done around the house while preparing. Woohoo!!! Cleared up a lot of visible clutter by actually dealing with it, not just packing it up to deal with later. Looks great (and feels pretty good too).

Okay, I feel like crap. I'm heading to bed. Good night.

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M-j said...

So sorry!
Wow, it is hitting a few of us, eh?
We are off to the doc again tomorrow...