Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Hodge Podge

I've got a great husband. I called him at work yesterday and told him I need a big favor. He was coming home at 5 - I told him I needed him to take over completely then. The paperwork monster has been kicking my butt, so I just needed to grab it up and take it out and go through it somewhere with no interuptions. He agreed.

So at 5 I was out the door. I stopped at a burrito place (didn't even know one existed!) and got a veggie burrito (hot but good) and got to eat while I read a free city paper without having to bargain with anyone to eat just one more bite. Aaaahhhh. Then I headed to Borders where I proceeded to go through every single piece of paperwork I had. What a sense of satisfaction. I now have a list of about 10 things that I need to do over the phone or on the computer today, but all the bills that aren't paid automatically with my bank are now organized and paid; I put them in the mail today. And I feel great!

B woke up sick today, so I had to cancel the babysitting I was going to do this morning and the plans we had for today so I could keep him home. He has a relentless cough, so I knew it was only a matter of time before he threw up and felt better. Even though he had been carrying a bucket around with him, he managed to wait until he started his nebulizer treatment, so it got all over the mask and the couch and his pants. Lovely. Luckily we have another mask. We got most of a treatment in him - he had to keep pulling the mask away to cough, and once to throw up again. But now his coughing is not as frequent and he clearly feels better. But my point is, we're stuck around the house this morning - the perfect opportunity to get all the rest of the "to do" things that I listed while doing the paperwork done and to file the rest. I might actually end the day with an EMPTY to do box. Ha - take that, Paper Monster!!!

Yesterday I was playing with J sideways on my lap, lifting her into a sitting position and then back into a laying position. While laying in the crook of my arm, she looked up at me and said, "I want to nurse." This blew me away. This is the girl who self-weaned seven months ago and never really seemed to miss it. And now she's asking to nurse? Where is this coming from and what should I do? After repeating her question back to her to buy me some time, I cuddled her to me and rocked her in a nursing position. I started describing to her about how when she was very little I would hold her like this to nurse her, and I would look her in the eyes, just like this, and stroke her hair, just like this, and she would put her hand up to my face, just like this. That seemed to hold her for a while and we started playing again. But within a few minutes she pushed herself back into that position and asked to nurse again. Not really knowing where I was going with this, I started describing what nursing actually meant and that my breasts don't have milk in them anymore, but I could hold her like this and rock her anytime she wants. That seemed to satisfy her (for which I'm very grateful!).

At this point B spoke up. He was lying on his back next to us, and for the first time I noticed that he had his shirt pulled up and J's baby up to his chest. "I'm nursing the baby," he proclaimed.

"Yes, you are!"

"Well, not really," he explained, "Because my breasts don't really have milk in them."

Yes, B, THAT'S the only reason why you're not really nursing. Let's just go with that.

Okay, I have to get "Coughing Boy" up to my room so he can watch a video that he can never watch when A is around because it scares A. Then I'm off to tackle the rest of the paperwork. Empty box, here I come!


M-j said...

Good for you for tackling my least favorite job!
How cute that Julia asked to nurse. I bet she remembered how close she felt to you. But I bet it is because she sees Jordan nursing, and wants to give it a go! HAHA!

Anjali said...

Mira asked a few times after she weaned, I think because Leela was born and was nursing so much. I just said, "Ok, no problem, let's nurse!" and proceeded to lift my shirt. She bust out laughing, told me that big girls didn't nurse, and left the room. I think she just wanted to see if I would do it, and thankfully reverse psychology worked in my favor (for once).

MommyWithAttitude said...

I weaned J about 4 months before the Little One arrived and thankfully by then I let him try to nurse, but he didn't remember how, so nothing really happened and he just giggled and said, "mama's milk is only for babies!" That actually happened three or four times I think.

Then I thought I could get away with the same thing with the Little One after some time had passed from weaning, so I let him "try" and he LATCHED RIGHT ON AND THERE WAS STILL MILK LINGERING IN THERE!

So then it was like starting the weaning process AGAIN!