Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday's Week in Review

Saturday - The plan was to spend the morning at my mom's with my sister doing yard work, but my mom still wasn't up to it. So instead we came over and I made all of us French toast. We decided since I have to work every Mother's Day that this was our new tradition - brunch on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend (yes, it's now a whole weekend in my mind). I know it's taking "Erev Mother's Day" a little far (thank you, Kvetch Blog, for giving me this idea), but I'm okay with that! That afternoon we went to Rick's Sheds and ordered the shed and pirate ship - yay! Can't wait until they're delivered. And then "Ms. Dez" came over to play with the kids and DH and I went out to see a movie and then hang out at a great book store.

Sunday - Spelled out what I wanted for Mother's Day, so I wasn't disappointed. The kids brought me breakfast in bed and gave me a new necklace. I got to sleep in and then go to work for the last day of Sunday School. I had some time alone in the house in the afternoon to clean, and then we all went to my parents' for a BBQ.

Monday - I started Weight Watchers Online.

Tuesday - Two playdates: in the morning a friend came over and we let the kids paint masterpieces in the dining room. They stayed for lunch. In the afternoon we went to a new park (new for me) that was amazing! Loved it and can't wait to go back.

Wednesday - Got to the gym for the second time that week - go me.

Thursday - Two playdates: a breakfast recipe exchange/book club playdate for the MOMS Club in the AM and a pizza dinner playdate for Mothers and More (yes, I love belonging to both clubs!). I decide that it is absolutely unfair that weight loss is determined by what you put in your mouth, and not by what you pass up. On this day alone I exhibited TREMENDOUS self-control and did NOT eat: a doughnut (even though it was my favorite kind, the twisty French cruellers with white icing), French Toast Bake (with loads of butter and sugar and looked incredible), a quiche, an egg "puff" (don't even know what that is, but anything with "puff" in the name has to be good), more than one slice of incredible veggie pizza (I stuck to one slice and cut it into thirds so I felt more satisfied. Wouldn't say that worked perfectly, but at least it took me a little longer to eat.), an ice cream sundae (even though I scooped out the ice cream for everyone else. I think I should have lost five pounds just for what I avoided on this day!

Friday - We tried a "Getting Dressed Race" this morning that seemed to work fairly well. I had to go in several times in various stages of dress to encourage the boys to keep going, but ultimately they did get dressed on their own. Today I planned to go to a park with the girls in the morning, but it's raining, so I guess we'll stick around the house. That's probably better since I have a bunch of laundry to do. At "Bim Bam" (the preschool lunchtime Shabbat program we do, thus named for the opening song we do) we will be doing an easy project, learning a song called "Thank You, God" and then drawing pictures of different things that we want to thank God for (the sun, our family, trees, etc.). And then DH will be attempting to take the three kids to dinner on his own and then back to his school for them to watch the cabaret with him, all so I can go to the special Shabbat service tonight honoring teachers. Isn't he great?

Okay, that was my week. Now on to the rest of today!

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I need to know where this park is! We are always looking for new parks!
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