Friday, May 12, 2006

My week in review

My week:
Sunday - Sunday School and then a faculty luncheon to discuss next year. Dinner at my in-law's.

Monday - J sick, so no gym. :( Lsat day of Hebrew School, so we had a party - woohoo!

Tuesday - Mom's surgery. Got up at 5 to go with my parents. Long day, but she made it through okay. Convinced DH to go to check out sheds in the late afternoon. We will be buying the shed and a pirate ship for the kids to climb on Saturday - can't wait!!

Wednesday - MOMS Club meeting (so again, no gym), then to Mom's to check in. In the afternoon I was actually able to get a little gardening done (I love that my kids play so great with our next door neighbors' kids and that the other kids are a little older and are able to kind of watch my kids enough so I can garden wihtout watching them every second of the afternoon!). Mother's and More meeting at night - fabulous time! We played "Mom Jeopardy" and even though my team lost by a hundred points, we still had a really good time (and, no, I'm not competitive at all, snicker).

Thursday - Hosted a playdate at a great park near us for Mother's and More in the morning, one mom could make it. Coincidently another mom from MOMS Club showed up. The other few moms that were there (all together) were so nice and everyone seemed to play together well so we moms could chat, in between helping kids on swings and off the merry-go-round.

Friday - S. came to play with J (and so I could watch her). Her mom was going out of town for the weekend. S. was fine at my house, but when we went to the Temple for "Bim Bam" (a weekly Shabbat Preschool program I run), her high school babysitter was there to take over watching her while we did "Bim Bam." Poor S. was in tears the whole time because she wanted Miss R! Totally hysterical until I let her sit with me. But then as the babysitter tried to do the project with her, she just kept crying that she wanted her mommy. When we told her that Mommy was away, she said she wanted me. She absolutely did not want the other babysitter. Nice to feel loved, but I felt so bad for her. Then I had to put the car seat in the babysitter's car and S. just had a fit - she wanted to come home with me! Her mom set it up so the babysitter was taking her home. If I knew she would react like this, I would have said that she could come home with me, but who knew? I feel bad, and hope she is napping now and not still screaming.

Tomorrow my sister and I are "giving" our mom our Mother's Day present early - we're working in her garden all morning. Since my mom isn't physically up for it, we're going to do whatever she wants - Mom points, we'll pull. In the afternoon we're heading out to the shed place to place our orders!! And then we have a babysitter coming so DH and I can go out. Yes!! Not even sure what we're doing yet, but we'll be doing it together. :)

And that's my week in review.


M-j said...

Sounds like a good plan for Saturday! We have something similar planned, except we are building a swing set and THEN trying to go out!

TracyRuth said...

What a great Mothers Day gift. How sweet and thoughtfule of you guys.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

If you want to see a really nice poem I put on my blog site it's at: