Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Still feel like crap.
My ear hurts.
I better hear the doctor say that the ear is REALLY infected, or provide some other reasonable diagnosis more than just a cold. I want to know that this pain is being caused by something.
And if it is an ear infection, like I suspect, I want to know why it is that I have gotten four ear infections one after the other!

DN-A and DN-J are here - my brother-in-law's car just pulled up. My guys have eaten breakfast, B has had his two neb treatments, still have to get J to have hers. I went to bed early but still am so tired. And J just dumped out the legos. Another fun day.


M-j said...

There is nothing worse than a very busy mommy getting sick! NO! Not fair!
I hope you feel better soon! And that the doc figures it out fast. Take a decongestant!

Anjali said...

Oh, Rachel. I'm so sorry. That is very strange that you've had so many ear infections recently. Hope the Dr. comes through.