Saturday, May 27, 2006

Week in Review

I know - very unusual for me not to update at least ONCE a day. :)
I'm back.

Let's see, I guess I'll start with a review of my week:

Saturday - Took the kids for haircuts and then out to lunch by myself (yes, I was feeling quite brave, and they did great!). Then we left the kids with a babysitter and went to see RENT for the fourth time - woohoo!!!

Sunday - Tried to meet my sister for lunch for some sister time. Thought we could browse at Target together and then grab a bite. Didn't quite work out - she had to bring DN-J with her to nurse (no problem) but also brought her sister-in-law along, who I like a lot, but made it tough to have any quality time together. Plus DS was in a big time constaint and wanted to be quite productive, so kept running off to get her stuff and we met up again. When it finally came time to go eat, she ended it up with only about half an hour max that she could eat, so a restaurant five minutes away was too far since it was in the opposite direction. I made the wise choice to reschedule our lunch and will make sure I'm clear about it being just the two of us.

Monday - And this is why I have to update every day and why I need this blog to remember what I do: I have no memory of my own! I honestly cannot really remember what I did on Monday! Go read my blog entry for that day. I'll have to do the same.

Tuesday - Went to a playdate at a friend's house and developed a severe case of house envy. Went to a fabulous Mothers and More meeting that night on Autism Spectrum Disorder - very informative.

Wednesday - Became a "single married parent" for the rest of the week with DH working until 12 or so. Went to the gym, ended the class early to grab a shower, and then met friends at a park. This was the first time I tried squeezing something else in when I go to the gym in the morning. My 19 year old nephew began painting my woodwork downstairs - very nice!

Thursday - Took kids to a special storytime at a nearby library that I've heard incredible things about. I tried going once before and actually was turned away because even though we were there 15 minutes before it started, they were already at capacity! This time we got there 35 minutes before it started and joined other moms in front of the library before they opened. I was incredibly disappointed to find out that it was a different librarian leading the storytime who was not very good. I'll have to try it once again another time. After storytime we went to the IU to demand a Permission to Evaluate form for A. Once signed, the IU had 60 days to complete their evaluation and meet with me about it. They had told me they couldn't send me a form until July at the earliest. I learned at the meeting on Tuesday that it is within my rights to go in person and demand one! The person I needed to see wouldn't be in the office until Wednesday, but will put the form in the mail that day. Yes! I hosted a pizza playdate in the backyard for Mothers and More. Nice to have evening company since DH didn't get home until around 2!

Friday - Last day of the Shabbat program I lead on Fridays - we had ice cream sundaes in honor of Shavuous (it's traditional to have dairy, so I thought this fit!). DH came home for half an hour to see the kids before having to get back to school. My nephew finished painting the woodwork in the living room, dining room, kitchen, stairwell, and upstairs hallway, plus the front door and coat closet door. Looks great - there's nothing like a fresh coat of paint!

So far today I met up with some of my FLYlady friends for breakfast and conversation, then joined my sister at my mom's to finally give her our Mother's Day present (yard work). Last time we tried my mom just wasn't up to it. We were able to clear out a big area of large weeds and branches and weed her back bed. Plus DH and I individually went to the bank to sign papers to change the rate for our Home Equity Line of credit to a fixed, cheaper rate. Always nice to save money.

And I'm off!


M-j said...

Sounds like a productive day!!! And week!Glad you got so much done!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

How come you went to an Autism Meeting? I'm just curious because I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome and I wondered if someone in your family has Autism also.

Rachel said...

Jenny -
I suspect my one son has Sensory issues, as well as possibly Asperger's. The meeting was really geared to give all moms info on kids on the spectrum since as more kids are mainstreamed, we're bound to have some in our kids' classes and need to know how to help our kids play with kids who might not be "typical." Does that make sense?