Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Tried something new with the boys last night and this morning that worked wonderfully! Don't know how long it will work, but it's working for now . . . I told them that if they had their pajamas off by the time I finished making my bed I would be very surprised, so don't do it! They of course ran giggling into their room, stripped, and came back in shouting "Surprise!" I went along with it by falling on the bed in shock. They think this game is the funniest thing EVER. So it's working. I even used it to get A to clear his breakfast dishes. I'm getting a little tired of hearing "Surprise!" but am thrilled that I found something that works. Oh, and Marj? I can always use reminders and bits of info - you know way more about PDD than I do! (Check out my comments from yesterday's post about this topic if you don't know what I'm talking about.) I guess I still feel like I'm kind of in denial since we have no diagnosis yet and won't until the summer at the earliest.

Hosted a painting playdate here yesterday and had two moms just not show up - no calls, no e-mails, nothing! Luckily one mom did come with her two kids. It's ALWAYS easier to do a project with another adult there! I finally had to stop the Picassos when I ran out of counter space to put the masterpieces to dry. The house STILL reeks of the paint. I'm glad it's going to be nice out today so I can air out the house some more. Met up with some moms at a new park yesterday afternoon. The kids had a great time (as did I) but they had the most fun when they discovered the port-a-potty. Oh, my, all the potty trained kids had to take two long turns each. I could barely pull them away!

J and DN-A are playing on the floor next to me. J has been hitting and pushing a lot, and are main response has been that people are not for _____ but the floor or the pillow or the chair or whatever is okay to _______. She was pushing DN-A to get him to move, so I reminded her that people are not for pushing but she could push the floor if she wanted. She immediately took her hands off her cousin and put them on the floor. After a few moments, she looked up at me and as earnestly as a two year old can muster, told me, "It's not moving!" No, the floor won't move when you push it. :)

Okay, here's the tough part with coordinating schedules. DN-J is starting to get tired and fussy on my lap. If I just had her, I'd put her down for a nap right now. But in about 35 minutes or so I'm going to get all the kids out the door so I can drop the boys off at school and then take J and DN-J to the gym. DN-J won't nap at the gym because of the noise. So she ends up staying awake, not too happy, while I work out. I guess if I could get her to go down for a nap in her car seat right now, I could (in theory) transfer her to the car with no problem. So I'll try that, but I doubt it's going to cut it for her. We'll see! Any other suggestions, please let me know!


Chaotic Mom said...

Rachel, you are totally the WONDERMOM. I am always amazed, and inspired by you. ;)

M-j said...

I have the same issue with Ian and sleep. He never slept as an infant. It drove me CRAZY.
As for the PDD stuff, I have a few book recommendations that I will pass onto your private e-mail!