Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Little Dictator

I love my nephew. I really do. And I'm sure what I hear from him is typical sibling stuff. But since my guys don't do this (or don't do this yet, I don't know) it's really hard to hear.

"My daddy's birthday is next and when it comes you are NOT allowed to help unwrap his presents. You can't help! I can, but you guys can't help."

"No, J, you can't do it like that, J, you have to do it THIS way." (She's eating breakfast)

"This is my watch. You guys can't touch it!"

"These are MY raisins. My mommy packed them for me to eat. You guys can't touch them and you can't eat them. They're MINE! Okay, you can each have ONE, but no more! (Understand that none of my children have even said anything about his raisins, and barely even noticed that he was eating raisins until he started saying they can't have them.)

He's at a stage right now where he contradicts everything.
A: These raisins are juicy!
DN-A: No, they're not!

B: I'm going to sit here.
DN-A: No, you're not!

Me: The sky is blue.
DN-A: No, it's not! (Okay, so I made up the last one, but I bet if I started talking about the sky color, I would be wrong once again!)

My sister tells me that I should just ignore it, that I don't need to address everything he says. That makes sense, to a point. Sometimes the stuff that he says makes my kids cry, like when they ask me if they can have another sandwich and he tells them that they're not allowed. At times like that I stress to them that DN-A doesn't make the rules, that only Mommy makes the rules. That seems to help, but I feel like I'm saying that four - five times a day.

I feel like I'm nit-picking. I mean, DN-A is a great kid - he has a wonderful imagination, lots of energy, he's gorgeous, he has the most infectious laugh - but hearing him say "no" to every statement that anyone makes is driving me nuts!

Okay, I'm done venting.


rhonda said...

My MJ is the same way.

It's tough being a mom.

Beckie said...

Don't you just hate that! Came over from Sting My Heart. I'll say a little prayer for you cause I know how frustrating that can be. Have a blessed day!

Beckie said...

OOOOPPPs, it was from Faithful Mommy that I came. Sorry.

Elaine said...

When Helen gets this way, I just say, "May I be the mommy today, please?" and she'll usually back down. She's pretty much a weenie, though. I'm guessing that wouldn't work with Ari, huh?

M-j said...

I think that is a 3yo thing. Bug Boy did that, too. I also think that when they are an only child until that age, and then suddenly have a baby, they have to make it VERY clear that some things are JUST FOR THEM. You know?

Chaotic Mom said...

UGH! I just posted a well thought-out comment (hard work with my tired mind), typed in the wrong word verification, closed the page and LOST it! I'm at the boys' school now, will type more later... ;)

Mom Nancy said...

Oh, dear. Noah is very contrary these days. He'll say, "I need food and drink." I'll say, "Okay, let me put these groceries away/go to the bathroom/change my clothes/whatever and then I'll get you something to eat." He'll cross his arms, throw himself onto the floor and say, "Okay, no food. I'm a bad boy. I can't go to school. Mommy's mad."

Sometimes I just want to sit on the floor and say, "Fine, just do what you want."