Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I'm tired.
When I get tired it's hard to focus, it's hard to stay on top of everything that I need to to do, it's just hard.
And I do this to myself.
Every time.

I stay up to late. I get sucked into so many night time shows. I really like them; they're a great stress reliever for me, a fabulous way to decompress. But they're on too darn late! And so I stay up too darn late.

Does anyone out there have tivo? Know how much it costs, or what exactly it is? I have to figure out a way to quit this cycle. I know the obvious answer is to not turn the tv on at all, but I really like watching these shows!


Chaotic Mom said...

It costs a bit, but we LOVE our Comcast DVR (digital video recording). For the exact reasons you're writing about. When I wake up eary, I grab a cup of coffee (yes, I'm drinking again) and "catch up" while the house is nice and quiet. Zoom through the commercials or boring content. Love it.

Lauren said...

TiVo rocks. I'm not sure how much it costs because it changes and they have different levels. With TiVo YOU control your kids' TV as well as your own. And it's so easy. I could do it myself for the very first time without asking techno geek husband! Which is amazing.

Anjali said...

I don't have tivo, but I wanted to add that now that it's the end of the season for most shows, you probably won't have the problem of staying up late for the next few months. (Grey's Anatomy, in particular, is killing me.)

Anjali (who doesn't go to bed until 11:30ish)

Sarahlynn said...

Oh, I love, love, love tivo!

You can get a "season pass" for your favorite shows, and tivo will find them whenever they're on and record them. Very handy!

I know I watch more TV now that we have Tivo (bad, bad) but on the upside, I *only* watch shows I want to see. No more surfing or thinking, "I wasted an hour on *that*?!"

When we had DirectTV (sattellite) it was cheaper than cable. They gave us a Tivo unit for free and the service was only an additional $5/month.

Marla said...

Thanks so much for visiting me over at my blog, first and foremost. Supportive comments like yours really help, and after having spent a bit reading your posts - I reiterate: I have no right to complain! You have a handful! But you really touched me, and I thank you.

But I chose this post to chime in on, because I have to say: I've kind of given up actually watching TV - now I just go read about the shows I like on Television Without Pity when I have time. Recaps of shows repelete with snark, and then forums with others who, unlike me, actually take the time to type in the type of nonsense discourse I'd share with a girlfriend over a cup of coffee. So, reading (good), snark (great), smack (fun fun fun). I highly recommend it.