Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things R is Proud of

Since last week was all about the things that I used to be or still are self-concious about, I thought it would be nice to kind of do the opposite.

1. I got the kids' breakfast ready in the fridge yesterday, and encouraged them to take it out and set the table themselves this morning.

2. I came up with a new game to eventually get the boys to dress themselves independently - we tried it for the first time today.

3. The boys did not "win" the game and I stuck to the consequence: if they "beat the clock" they got to watch tv this morning, if they didn't, no t.v.

4. J, my two year old, potty trained before she turned two. I SHOULD have ONE that is easy! :)

5. A is reading already - blows me away every time he reads something new.

6. My boys are extremely polite and social.

7. J is catching up with them in both of those areas.

8. I did not volunteer to take over as co-leader at our Mothers and More meeting last night (it was tough keeping my mouth shut, but I did!).

9. I made the decision to not run again as president of my MOMS Club chapter, and I'm sticking with it.

10. I got through a lot of paperwork last week.

11. I finally pulled myself out of the indecision I was frozen in and decided which shed to buy - we're ordering it this weekend.

12. I relaxed myself enough with our money situation to allow us to also buy a pirate ship for the kids to climb on - they love it!

13. I remembered that it was Thursday and time to write my Thursday Thirteen all by myself!!!

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Uisce said...

Sounds like a good week!

Mom Nancy said...

Good for you, Rachel! You deserve to be proud of that stuff!

Mine is up, too.

Wystful1 said...

Happy T 13...sounds like a winning week for you and your kids.

My T 13 is a celebration of 38 years.

Carmen said...

Funny it's the girl that's the good one. ha ha. You sound proud of all of them anyway.

Joan said...

We all need to list our accomplishment every once in awhile -- to remind ourselves of our value. I enjoyed reading this. I remember life as a mother of small children - how hectic!

My 13 are also posted.

Michelle said...

Good job! You definitely have a lot to be proud of :)
Thanks for visiting my TT.

something blue said...

I am amazed that your daughter is potty trained. We were on the right path with our oldest daughter but then we had our second child and she had a setback. We are still working on it.

Excellent list. You have lots to be proud about.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Yay yay for all of those!!


Come visit my TT anytime

Ames said...

thanks for visiting my T13 today - I wish I could motivate myself to play the "get dressed all by myself game". I usually walk out the door with wet hair, flip-flops, and jeans w/ holes in them to go to work...good thing that is acceptable there :)

Susan said...

Great list. You have been busy and sound like you are doing a GREAT job with your kids. My TT is up.

Tess said...

I enjoyed your T13 today and especially the nice part about buying the pirate ship for your kids.

Chaotic Mom said...

You are a WAY COOL mom, Rachel! Great job that Aaron is reading!

Thanks for the commentary on my kid-related post yesterday. Have you planted the flowers? ;)

txsoapmom43 said...

Both of you should be pretty proud of that accomplishment. Emily is 3 1/2 and she's finally getting trained. I thought that she never would. She still has occasional accidents but she's getting better.