Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm a dork.

I freely admit it. I'm a total dork with my FLYlady stuff, and I just love the end result of organizing stuff around my house.

But I think my crowning moment was just now, while waiting for J to finish peeing ("I not done yet."), I stood in front of my linen closet, freshly cleaned out and organized with the bright blue and green baskets I just bought at Target for all our toiletries and medicines, nice wicker ones for our extra toilet paper and hand towels and washclothes, for a good five minuetes, just admiring how nice it looks.

I'm a dork. And I'm proud of it!

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M-j said...

If you're a dork, then so am I!
There is nothign more gratifying to me than getting one of those missions where we have to empty out a whole cabinet and then put everything back! 'Cause then I go to Target and organize everything! WOOHOO! Plastic thingies are fun!