Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Social Butterfly

I came downstairs from putting the three youngest down for a nap, having left A and B playing with their cars, to find the boys lying on the couch with the t.v. on. "We started quiet time on our own, Mommy," B explains, "because all the playing just tired us out!"

Another B-ism: "We can't make red because red is one of the crime-berry (primary) colors."

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we spent the morning at a fenced in park - doesn't get much better than that. A was at his most social. He went up to every adult he saw and told them his name and pointed out who his brother is and who his sister is and his cousin and baby cousin. I had to keep reminding him that we don't tell everybody where we live - who's bright idea was it to teach him that?!! He went up to one woman, grabbed her breasts, and stated, "You have breasts like my mommy. Are your breasts private?" Obviously our discussions about private parts needs to be reviewed. Luckily, the woman thought it was funny and came over to tell me all about it, laughingly telling me that she couldn't wait to tell her husband. And he also gave almost every adult there a hug. All of this is adorable, and makes everyone comment on how cute he is, but it makes me really nervous. He just doesn't understand boundaries at all, and I'm just having trouble getting his to see that it's not okay to share all of our personal information with total strangers, how it's not safe to hug people that we don't know, how he shouldn't touch other moms' breasts. And I just cannot wait to get the evaluations underway!

My job today, after I finish posting this and get the laundry in the washer, is to find out what the exact timeline is for when the IU legally has to get everything accomplished. Once I have the specific info, I'm calling them up. I was told 40 days to get the ball rolling, but I want to verify that before I call them. I waiting for the intake paperwork from DuPont (a children's hospital in this area) so I can have him evaluated by a developmental pediatrician. I just want to have this part done so I can get therapy started for him and can learn some new strategies with him.

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M-j said...

you have to keep hounding them and calling them to make sure he gets an eval, like, yesterday. They are so overwhelmed, underpaid and totally understaffed. WHich is not an excuse.
But, calling the devel ped is the first step. And, when the IU finally does contact you, insist on a global eval! (Psych, OT, PT, SP - even if he seems like he doesn't need it!)