Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Asperger's, Twins, Emotional Eating, and Banishing Nightmares

So I couldn't think of a real good title - that about sums it up!

Read a book last night called Eating an Artichoke: A Mother's Perspective on Asperger Syndrome by Echo R. Fling. Could not put it down. I identified with so much in the book. It made me realize how lucky we are that A has a twin. He would be that kid on the playground hanging out with the grown-ups or playing by himself if not for B. While A rarely initiates pretend play, he will do it if B pulls him into it. And he has learned so much socialization just from having another kid the same age always there.

But the book also left me feeling kind of numb. Kind of sad. Kind of seeking out food (yeah, I'm an emotional eater).

We have A's IEP tomorrow at 11. I cannot wait to get the ball rolling on this! I contacted CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphi) which on its web site has an incredible description of all they could do. Unfortunately, not only do they have an EIGHTEEN MONTH wait, they have an age cut-off of no older than 3 years, 11 months. A missed that deadline by five months! Luckily I received a return call from another highly recommended Developmental Pediatrician for an October appointment. Since the appointment we got at DuPont isn't until January, I'm jumping on this one! Who knows - maybe I should keep them both to get two more opinions?

Okay, need to get to bed.
And for anyone who's curious - J slept through the night completely last night. The "No Bad Dream spray" along with her small lamp being turned on along with her large stuffed Simba in her crib by her head to protect her apparently did the trick. Of course, she refused to nap today, but that's another story . . .


LadyBugCrossing said...

Get as many opinions as you can. Keep the January appointment, too.
Best of luck to you.
Congrats on the wee one sleeping through the night! My children - 2yrs 6mos. apart stopped napping on the same day.
I was NOT happy.

M-j said...

Yes, keep both appts! NEVER cancel them!!!
I did not know that CHOP had a cutoff, but I did know about their extrememly long wait!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote you a huge post about my almost 3 year old twins who may be "diagnosed" on Monday with Asperger's, but I'm having trouble with my AIM account and it got erased. I would love to learn more about your experiences and how to be able to "breathe" a little - maybe I will find more info in your other posts. I have just "come out" to friends about my emotional eating too. Ha ha!!! Love it! I can totally relate to this post even though it's 3 years late.

twinmommy12 said...

Now I've set up an account, so I will be reachable.

My twins are boys and just started preschool. We decided to split them because I have a more dominant one (A) who will do everything for the other (B). At the IEP meeting in August 2 ladies from the school district's autism team showed up and I was totally thrown off kilter.

So because my boys have been reading and writing for several months now, they decided to do further assessments and observations at school for academics and cognitive. From talking with teachers today and probing for more info it sounds like they both could be diagnosed now with a spectrum disorder (I'm thinking Asperger's) if we want to. Or we could wait until Kindergarten. It won't affect the services they are getting. So I'm just trying to prepare myself for the meeting on Monday.

And I decided to look into other twins with this disorder. Interesting that there's lots of talk about that subject. So I think I really needed to hear your post on this - especially that they have a twin and won't be so socially unaccepted. I'm wondering when to maybe put them back in the same class.

I have a thousand questions. I wonder whether I'll find more info in your other posts through the years and what has happened to you and your boys.

Thanks for being honest and sharing your heart. I totally feel ya'!!