Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Summer of the House

Now that we've decided to stay instead of move, I'm focused this summer on doing tons of projects around the house. Last week we had contractors widen the arch between the living room and dining room and that makes a huge difference! We're going to IKEA this afternoon (I LOVE that store!) to get some other things I saw that I'm really happy with: a new rug for the living room (going for a whole new color scheme), a wardrobe for the entranceway that I'm trying to create, a desk so we can move our desktop computer upstairs to our room to give the grown ups a place to work without kids hanging on us (we're going to get a laptop for downstairs which we can fold up and put up high when we're done with it so our computer genius doesn't do damage to it). Our current dining room furniture (handed down from my great uncle) will be picked up on Friday by a group called Second Mile that benefits the homeless. Once it is we're having the nasty stained wall to wall carpeting pulled up (finally - I've hated the gray color since we moved in!) and the floors done (the wood looks like it's in good condition underneath). And we're having a painting party August 5th to paint the Living Room, Dining Room, Playroom, Kitchen cabinets, Wardrobe, and Hallway. Too ambitious? I'm also looking for a handyman to hire to put in shelves in our hall closet and a bunch of other small things. Can you tell I'm a little excited about all this?

Today the boys and I marched in the local parade with my MOMS Club (well, I marched, they sat in the wagon that I lugged behind me in this heat!). J wanted to go with us, but we still haven't found a sunscreen that doesn't make her break out into a rash all over, so we convinced her to watch us with Daddy. When we got to our street (towards the end of the parade) I let her join us. She waved like a pro and told me proudly, "I a big girl now!" She kept her two ponytails in and looked adorable! DH let me take a nap when I got home (Thank you!), so I'm now returning the favor, and as soon as J (and DH) get up we're heading to IKEA. Woohoo!

Yesterday the kids and I went through everything in J's room and purged/cleaned as much as possible to give her room to dance and play in her room. It was a heck of a job, especially with all the "help" I got from the kids, but the end result is incredible. I started on the boys' room. Guess I should go work on that some more since I have a little time right now. The kids were so thrilled with the extra space we have between the living room and dining room, stating that they now had so much more room to dance, that I knew I needed to jump on that feeling and attack their rooms while I could. Alright. Very tired, but better get moving while I can. In 3...2...1.......

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CryssyeR said...

Hi Rachel,
I followed a link on Marj's blog to find yours. What a good writer you are! I was totally engrossed :)
Sounds like you had a really good day despite the heat - we were out in it too. And the cleaning! Can you come to my house? LOL
Have a good week!