Monday, July 10, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

Just shut J's door.
So far so good.
She's in bed early (refused to sleep at nap time - after being up/dosing most of the night, can we say over-tired?) having had a bath around 5 and getting changed into her pjs then. I gave her a dose of Benadryl (hey, she tried a new sunscreen today and has a rash - really!) which hopefully will add to her tiredness. We sprayed around her crib with Glade, I mean, "No Bad Dream Spray" and we changed "No bad dreams" together three times. I rocked with her while singing her current favorite song (Puff the Magic Dragon). When I laid her down I foolishly reminded her that we sprayed the magic spray so therefore she won't have any bad dreams (yes, I did say that, reminding her what she's scared of - DUH!), so she immediately started crying. I helped her think of a stuffed animal that might help keep her safe too, and she chose B's Simba, which she now has right by her head, her "Mine" in her other hand (the bear/blanket she has slept with since birth).

Oh, PLEASE go to sleep (1/2 the problem) and stay asleep (the other half).

In other news . . .
I went to Border's this afternoon since DH was in charge of the kids and there was no way I wanted to stick around J's overly-tired-no-way-am-I-taking-a-nap mood. I gathered up all the papers from around the house, put them all in my "To Do" box, and away I went. I managed to sort through every piece of paper, made a master to do list to work on some tomorrow, and got rid of over five inches of paper (yes, I am that much of a dork that I estimated how much paper I was throwing out - whatever works!). Feel great that I got that much done (though I'm sure the Chai Tea that I had there, with all that caffine, isn't adding to that feeling at all) and am motivated to work hard tonight too on a) prepping dinner, b) clearing out my scrap area, and c) going to bed EARLY!!!

Hopefully I will get more sleep than the few interrupted hours I got last night!

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Heather said...

Nighty night Julia! Sweet dreams baby for you and Mama (and Daddy and brothers too!)