Friday, July 14, 2006


A's IEP went great. It took us two hours, but we came away with something that will provide him with an itinerant teacher in his classroom twice a week, forty-five minutes each time, physical therapy once a week to work on gross motor skills, social skills group once a week, and an OT that will consult with both his teacher and us on how to help improve his sensory issues both at school and at home. We got information on how to make social stories to teach him appropriate behaviors (ie. it's not okay to go up to strange woman and grab their breasts), and advice on how to make the various schedules and chore charts we've been trying even more effective for A. The only thing we couldn't get written in is the potty training. They gave me some new stategies to try out (observe him for a week to figure out how often he pees/poops and when to get a baseline and then work on bringing him to the potty at those times, provide him with support while on the toilet with handles or something for him to hang on to so he has more stability while sitting) but told me that it's not something they can help with directly. They did tell me that he won't be turned away from Kindergarten if he is still in diapers (uh, great, but I want this resolved before then!) and that if we qualify for medical assistance (which is simply because he has a disability) it should pay for his diapers.

Bottom line, I think it was an extremely productive meeting and I feel really good about it. I will be receiving weekly updates as well as quarterly reports, so we'll see how he's progressing.

As for me, I have to get off the computer so I can start getting ready for my scrap weekend at the shore. Are ya' jealous?!! I'm quite excited!!! I'm taking the kids to the gym in a little (the boys first time there) so I can work out for a little bit (I'm REALLY tyring to get back into that being a habit) and them I'm taking them all with me to A.C. Moore (a local craft store) so I can stock up on stuff I need. Hopefully the kids will behave there!

I'll be back on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


M-j said...

Glad the meeting went well! Sounds like a good plan, and something that works for Aaron and for you.
As for the potty training, they consider it "medical" which means that they won't officially work on it in an educational environment until Kindergarten age, when the kids I used to work with had potty training schedules, etc. It is weird that they don't consider it an issue until then, when their typical peers are training at 3!!!

Lucy T said...

OK Rachel - I admmit it - I envy you! I've heard Deb and her mom are quite the cooks, so you'd better have gotten in a good workout before going. Tell her I said hello.