Monday, July 24, 2006

Fresh Start

I just sometimes feel like in the middle of chaos and stress, we just need a fresh start. So today is mine.

We now have the computer armoire and computer up in our room - wow, that sure made the playroom look a lot bigger - so I'm able to do some work without the kids literally hanging on my arms. That's nice. I have a lot to do, since DH is in charge of the kids all day Monday and Wednesday (I was in charge last week for those two days, so now it's his turn), so I want to be sure to get it all done.

Part of what I need to do (and I've said it before) is get to bed on time. It's hard to get caught up in doing stuff and then realize that it's after 11 and to "start fresh" as you had intended the next day you would need to get up by 7 and you MUST work on getting at least 8 hours of sleep.

My friend came to get the dining room furniture yesterday afternoon, which is great because now I can go get our new DR furniture, but it meant that I had to quickly unload everything still left in and on the old furniture. I know, I should have had it totally cleaned out already, but I didn't. Yep, I'm the Queen of Procrastination. Ellen should dub me that to make it official. Anyway, because I ended up having to do a rush job on that, I then needed extra time (and lots of it) to sort through it all. Thus I ended up awake for a long time, boxing up stuff to take to a local thrift store, throwing stuff away, and finding new homes for other stuff. It was a lot more stuff than I realized, and I had already gone through a lot! I didn't get to bed until 12. Dumb.

So here's my plan for the day:
1) Bring LOTS of boxes to the thrift store to get them out of the house. And I do mean lots. I believe I counted ten, plus a few things that wouldn't fit. Woohoo!!!

2) Go to IKEA (my favorite store) to get the dining room table, new bookcase, and coat wardrobe to be delivered hopefully tomorrow. Once we set up the bookcase and the wardrobe I can put the things that belong in there away and out of the temporary places they now are. That will feel great.

3) Buy a laptop for downstairs. Poor A has been asking since Saturday morning if it is here yet - he is clearly going through computer withdrawal. I hate to be there when he finds out that we're not hooking it up to the internet anytime soon. Should be fun.

4) Work in the bedroom at sorting through all the papers and crap that I cleared off my computer armoire when I brought it upstairs.

5) And this is the most important one = GO TO BED BY 10!

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Fresh Mommy said...

Getting to bed at a decent hour is so much harder than it sounds, isn't it?

So many times at the end of a long day, my husband will say to me, "You should go to bed early tonight." He doesn't understand my need to decompress, which is sometimes just sitting there on the couch watching mindless tv with my feet up!

Hope you get your 8 hours!