Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Projects R Wants to Accomplish in the Next Two Weeks

Since my wonderful husband is home over the summer, I have more time than I do during the school year to get some things accomplished at home (since we share the responsiblibity of watching all the kids when he is home). As a birthday present DH gave me a full week to do whatever I wanted and I'm using it the first week of August. So....since I have declared this to be the summer of the house, here's what I plan to get done:

1. Clear out scrap area in playroom to ultimately put laptop there for kids to use.
2. Purchase said laptop.
3. Find and buy suitable chair for that area.
4. Move computer and armoire upstairs to our bedroom.
5. Clean off top of computer armoire to prepare for that move.
6. Find and buy appropriate organization system for our brand new shed (woohoo!)
7. Rearrange backyard furniture and toys.
8. Decide upon colors and purchase paints and supplies for painting party on August 5th (there's still time to RSVP if you're local and want to help - just let me know!!!).
9. Spackle and prime dining room (need to cover dark green paint currently on there).
10. Clean out downstairs hall closet so handyman can install shelves.
11. Clean out pantry so handyman can install additional shelf.
12. Find and buy new kitchen cabinet and drawer handles.
13. Take off kitchen cabinets and prep for paint (clean and fill holes from yucky handles).

How sad is it that I still have a ton more that I could add to this list? Okay, that is alright. I need to continue my basic daily routines at the same time so the house doesn't fall apart completely while I'm improving it, so if I have too many things I'm trying to get done ultimately nothing will get done.

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Missi said...

Wow you have alot to do in the next two weeks! But you sound organized so I bet you can do it!!

I played too!

Katrina said...

Very ambitious! I'm afraid to make the list of things I *should* get done!

KarenW said...

That's a busy list! I hope you get a lot done.

Christina said...

Sounds like you have a lot of things to get done! I hope that you are able to get them done.

My list is up :)

Knitting Maniac said...

can't wait to see how much you accomplish! You will feel good once it is all done!

Carmen said...

yep, you're going to be busy!

Mama Duck said...

Wowie!! Happy TT, mine's up ;).

Raggedy said...

You are going to be very busy.
I need to write a to do list too.
Good list
My TT is up