Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday To Do

One of the strategies we came up with at A's IEP was to have a very specific schedule posted so he could clearly see things like when he was allowed on the computer so he wouldn't ask us about playing on the computer twenty times a day. I had created a schedule last year that I had in a pocket chart, each task on a separate card so we could move them around as needed, but I haven't really been keeping it up-to-date. This one is going to be velcroed (making it harder for Miss J to knock the cards out) and laminated (making it harder for the boys to fold up each card as the mood hits them. I think it will be really good for each of us. So that's something I plan on working on today.

We ordered a new, much larger shed back in May and the guys are here right now to 1) tear down the eyesore of a shed that is there now (that my wonderful husband emptied yesterday in the heat) and 2) put down the stone foundation in preparation for the new shed to arrive tomorrow. We also got a wooden pirate ship for the kids to climb on, and they are both arriving tomorrow. Cannot wait!!!

I actually went to the gym yesterday AND watched what I ate all day, and this morning actually saw a difference when I took my clothes off to jump in the shower. I'm not saying I looked incredible all of a sudden, but I could see (and feel) a difference in my body. It should have inspired me to get to the gym again this morning, as I had planned, but J was up a lot again last night ("I have to pee!" "I want to sleep in your bed!" "Will you rock with me?") and my period started today (sorry if it's TMI, but it played a big part in my decision) so I decided to hold off until tomorrow. My head hurts a lot from lack of sleep and my body isn't feeling that great from cramps. But I DO plan to go tomorrow.

Ooooo - they just knocked over the whole shed. So cool!

Okay, I'm going to go fold laundry and then rearrange my bedroom furniture (the boys are at a two hour art camp for the week and the baby is sleeping, so with just J around I should be able to get a lot done!) to accomodate possibly bringing our computer armoire upstairs to free up more space in the playroom for the kids to play. J is happily playing with the playdough, loving the fact that she has all the playdough toys to herself ("I need the rolling pin because I need it!"), so I should be good for a little. Here goes!

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M-j said...

Sounds like fuN! A new shed and a pirate ship! WOOHOO!