Friday, May 11, 2007

Allergies are kicking my butt

The kids have their Mother's Day program at school in a little bit, so I just have enough time to check in before I run off to be blown away by their singing. I'm all ready to go, "Aaawwww...."

Okay allergy sufferers, this question is for you: I've been taking OTC generic Claritin. It says non-drowsy. Does it make anyone else drowsy? I've been really good this week getting to bed on time, but I'm still feeling like I could take a nap at any time. I'm tired!

I drove over to our local Produce Junction (my normal weekly Friday trip) and could not even find a parking spot. I have veggies, really just need fruit, but it was so unbelievably crowded that I just gave up and came home. Now I have no fruit, didn't have any time to clean, need to leave home and won't be back until 2 because I'll be in charge of anywhere between three to twenty preschoolers which really zaps my energy, and I have so much to do around the house to make me feel better and not leave me in a funk this afternoon before I leave for my parents' house for Shabbat dinner at 5.

Sorry this post was not more interesting, but I'm tired!


Domestic Goddess said...

Claritan and any of those other allergy meds knocks me COLD. Even the non drowsy stuff. I try to go it without the meds, to be honest. If my nose is stuffy I have saline nose spray to help irrigate it. If my eyes run I have saline for that. That is about all I do, and believe me, I suffer. I have yet to find an allergy drug that works. Yup, tries them all. Antihistamines do not work.

Tara (aka AbbysMomma) said...

Hugs, Rachel.

Yes, allergies have been kicking my butt for over 2 weeks now. I don't take Claritin, but my dr. suggested it as an alternative to the Allegra she prescribed if the ins. co. gave me any problems with the script. I've been on the Allegra along with Nasonex since Monday night and am finally starting to feel human, although still not quite myself.

I did notice on the sample pack of Claritin that I have that is said if you take too much it can cause drowsines (sp) So, I'm gonna venture a guess that it is either 1) too strong for you or 2) you are just one of the "lucky" people who is affected that way by it.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

pkzcass said...

I have success with allegra, but have also had tremendous success with nasonex (a prescription nasal spray). You avoid all of the unwanted side effects like drowsiness or hyperactivity. I know they make over the counter nasal sprays too. Might be worth a try.

Perky said...

I agree - this week has been rough, allergy-wise! I'm ready to scratch my right eye right out of the socket!!! The non-drowsy meds don't make me sleepy, but the disruption to my sleep and the discomfort during the day DO make me feel exhausted!

Good luck! Winter's only 6 months away!!!! Hang in there!

mama k said...

allergies suck! : )
I was on Claritin once and I was totally out of it.

My friend has had really good luck using raw, local honey from the healthfood store. It has to be local and unprocessed 'cause it has the local pollen in it. She takes like a Tbs a day and over time it has really helped her dramatically. (It's something about your immune system learning to process the pollen.) Hey, couldn't hurt, right?