Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's All About the Clothes

And now we're on to Day Seven: Pick out tomorrow's clothes before I go to bed at night. This will definitely be a good habit to get into, making the next day easier. Yesterday I didn't exactly tackle my hotspots the way I intended, but I did get the dining room table and the console table in the living room, and continued cleaning the living room and dining room this morning. Bottom line, they look good. But I'm going to work hard to stay on top of all the hotspots, keeping them cleaned off so they don't become full fires taking over the house.

In other news, I met with A's team at his elementary school for September this morning. Since DH couldn't get off work, my sister went with me as an additional pair of ears. The meeting went extremely well. The report results painted an extremely accurate picture of him, acknowledging all of his needs and strengths, even pointing out any discrepancies between very superior scores in many categories in one area (like speech) and average scores in another category. While average scores would not normally indicate a need for services, the fact that there is such a discrepancy does indicate that, and the speech teacher and psychologist both saw that. So far, so good! His IEP meeting is in June.

Since A is now reading over my shoulder, I am ending this post so the kids can begin "quiet time" and I can return some business related phone calls.

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