Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life is Full of Questions

Why does the IU need to meet with me in July to write an IEP for A to ensure he receives services over the summer (you know, for the month of August) when the school district and I are meeting in June to write his IEP for the upcoming school year?!!

Why do people leave their telephone number so fast on my machine, making me repeat it several times before I get it, and when I copy it down and then erase the message, why do I find out that I must have copied it wrong and now have NO WAY to contact them?!!

Why did I take so much time to fill out the financial aid form for the camp I want the kids to attend this summer if they were going to lose it and make me fill it out all over again?!!

Why did someone steal my debit card numbers and buy over a fifteen hundred dollars worth of stuff that comes out of my bank account, thus making it impossible to pay our bills this month until we get credited by the bank for the stolen amount?

Why can't I download my financial info onto a CD so I can use it on my laptop?

Why am I still sitting here asking why? I need to fold a load of laundry and sort through two baskets worth of papers before I go pick up the kids at 12.


Mommy Brain said...

Oh my goodness. Hugs for Rachel. So sorry to hear about the debit card thing. Hope the laundry got finished.

Anjali said...

I, too, have had $1,500 stolen from me debit card account. I so feel for you. You'll get the money back quickly, but I'm so sorry about this...

luvsJesus said...

I assume you called the bank? They will usually put it back within 3 days. Yes, I had it happen too. What a pain.