Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Still Here

Don't worry, my faithful readers, you don't have to remove me from your favorites list (Okay, Kathy?!!), I'm still here! That stomach bug really threw me for a loop, and my computer is annoying the heck out of me, and I had a lot to make up for from being sick for a week, but I'm still here.

To summarize the past week:
* B sang me a "surprise" Mother's Day song (they're performing on Friday a special program for moms but he couldn't wait) which was so cute I couldn't help laughing as he sang and clapping when he was finished. Both B and A looked at me and quite indignantly told me that I was supposed to cry now - that's what their teacher told me all the moms would do.

* Got caught up on paperwork - woohoo!

* Did my first library show - 50 preschoolers from a local daycare whose teachers sat in the back and talked and I had to keep their attention, entertain, AND stop the few in the front from beating the cr*p out of the kids around them. Most of the kids were really, really into it, which was so cute to see, and the librarians and teachers all told me that I did a great job when the show was done. Not bad!

* I have been taking A for all kinds of evals the last couple weeks in preparation for kindergarten. Yesterday was speech, today is PT, last week was with the psychologist, the week before was OT. Time consuming, but he loves it!

* Been able to work in the yard a lot this week while the kids play around me. So nice that they're older now and can play more independently now.

* I've been rewarding myself for going to bed on time with a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte the next day. Two days in a row now! :)

Alright, have to pick them all up now. I'll try to get back in the habit of blogging every day.


pkzcass said...

Glad to hear all is well! Your faithful readers missed you.

Tara (aka AbbysMomma) said...

Good to hear you are getting to bed on time...great idea with the reward!

Domestic Goddess said...

That's a nice reward!
As for the evals, I don't understand it but Bug Boy LOVES the frickin evals...

Lucy T said...

Yes, this faithful reader missed you too.