Sunday, May 27, 2007

Steps two through five

Okay, Day two of babysteps: Get dressed to lace up shoes. This is one routine that I started doing when I joined FLYlady and it has stuck with me. I used to be a barefoot girl. And I had incredible foot and back pain which got worse as the day went on. When I started the day my first steps were extremely painful. When I started consistently wearing shoes, the pain stopped. I'm a believer!

So moving on to Day Three: Do what we have already done. And read some of the website. Well, I've read the website plenty of times, and I have done what we already have done. My sink is shiny (except for the stuff DH left in it this morning - grrr) and my shoes are on. I'm moving on.

Day Four: Write these things down. This is the start of a control journal. I have one already, written out on my white board. Next...

Day Five: Write down what you hear. This one I can do. Write down those negative voices inside my head and answer them. Okay, here goes:

Why are you bothering with this? Why not just get off your lazy butt and go clean the house?

Because I could clean the house right now, but I don't have the routines in place to keep it clean. I need to build that into my life so it will be my autopilot to follow.

But look at all this crap around the house! It's really not that complicated to just pick it all up!

I know HOW to pick stuff up. But clearly it gets overwhelming. And after keeping three young children alive and relatively happy all day, preferrably better at the end of the day than they were the day before, feeding them, cleaning them, reminding them to go the potty (still dry!!!), following up on phone calls and inquiries about my new business, keeping track of the money coming in and out of our house, trying to exercise, cooking, gardening, I'm just tired by the end of the day and it's easier to just ignore it all. I don't want that anymore.

Well, there you go. I don't want the house to overwhelm me anymore, so I believe FLYlady is the answer.

Now I'm off to K-Mart to pick up costumes for the princess party I'm doing on Saturday. I'm picking up four packs and possibly an instant polaroid camera to take pictures for the Annie party I'll be doing the following week. Then I'm picking up J and taking her to my sister's where we will all travel to Jersey for a cousin's BBQ. DH will stay here with the boys at his parents to have dinner. And that's all I have to say about that.

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