Monday, May 21, 2007

Miracle of miracles

A peed in the potty this morning! Now he is laughing and smiling beside me because he read the first sentence (and what I'm currently writing). And now he is screaming and crying because I can't find where Daddy last put his Gameboy, A's prize for when he does anything in the potty. And now he's laughing through his tears because I just found it. Wow, fast mood swings!

A has been trying to pee (his own idea) the last few mornings. He'll stand at the potty and push using all the right muscles. He will usually end up sitting on his special potty seat (has handles and step up to rest his feet on). Today he actually was able to get a very short stream (the pee lasted for about a second, maybe less) but it was actual pee and he was so proud.

So was Mommy.


Perky said...

Yay, Aaron!!! Way to "go" -- literally!!!! A small step like that each day or so and he'll be a champion at peeing in the toilet before he knows it!

Anjali said...

Yea! What a breakthrough. Hope it keeps up!

Sue said...

Great job Aaron!

Mommy Brain said...