Monday, May 28, 2007

Putting out the fires

Day six: Hot spots. My job today is to spend two minutes on each hot spot around the house. Hot spots in my house include: the dining room table, the console table in the living room, and most of my bedroom. Okay, if I had to narrow it down in my bedroom, it would be the rocking chair that ends up holding everything we can't put somewhere else and the floor on my side of the bed. Two minutes for each, that's doable. The kids are currently playing on their own (not sure how much longer that will keep up) so I better get started. Then I'm off with them to K-Mart (never made it yesterday).

Here goes.


Domestic Goddess said...

Good luck! You can do it!
Make sure you use your timer, you will feel so good when it is done!

pkzcass said...

Great job so far Rachel! And many, many congrats to Aaron for pottying where he's supposed to! Woohoo!!!

Mommy Brain said...

Great job, Rachel! You're flying (ha-hah) through these steps.