Friday, February 17, 2006

A's Goose Egg

Yesterday my friend Karin came over with her three boys. We decided to get together each Thursday afternoon to force both of us to do something creative with the kids. We're going to take turns planning something. I think it's going to go great! We made cookies yesterday, the kids each getting a turn stirring and pouring. At the end of the night, A ran into the kitchen and ended up banging his head into the counter hard. When I picked him up from crying as he laid on the floor, I saw he had a huge goose egg that was already bruised and bleeding. We didn't need to go the hospital or anything, but the size of the bump made me nervous enough to call the doctor. Luckily they didn't say we HAD to go the ER or anything, just to wake him a couple times during the night to make sure he wakes up okay. When I woke him up the first time, I asked him what his name was just to make sure he was actually coherent. He looked at me like I had two heads as he answered, saying "A" in a way that said, "Mom, don't you know who I am? Why are you waking me just to ask me this? Are you nuts?" It's always nice to get that kind of look from your child. DH called while I was still waiting for the doctor to call back, so I let A talk to him. He started wailing as he told Daddy, "I have a goose egg!" Clearly he had no idea what that meant, so I had to reassure him that it was just a bump on his head, that he was okay. Poor thing! He's doing much better now. I was really okay, just a little nervous because none of them had ever gotten a bump on the head that was that big before. It's a little scary!

How I can I be angry with the boys for sneaking cookies out of the diaper bag when the reason I found out is because B was bringing me one?

As we're looking at various things that we can buy with the money my grandfather left me, I am very excited about the possility of a new computer armoire. One of the behavioral problems we're having with A is that he seems totally obsessed with every thing electronic. He just cannot leave certain things alone even if it means an automatic time out. That especially means the computer. We bought a large computer armoire two years ago when we had to bring the computer downstairs so J could have a room. Since it had a door that closed we thought we'd be okay, and we bought a lock that went across the top. A broke that from trying to pull the door open. I just found one that I REALLY like on-line. I can't wait to finally have DH home so I can show it to him (can't wait for him to get home for lots of other reasons too!). Let me show it to you so I can at least get some feedback from someone! Note the door knobs that I will be able to put a child lock on that A is currently NOT able to open, plus the storage/white board/cork bord on the doors. Nice!

Okay, that's it for now. Have to get my butt in gear - I'm so overwhelmed by paperwork I'm going crazy. I totally missed sending out my MOMS Club newsletter that had been sent to me on the 9th to be sent out THAT DAY. Duh!!! I just wish I could get two whole days where someone else would watch the kids somewhere else and I could just sort/purge my files and take care of all the papers everywhere, catching everything up. Then I feel like I'd be able to handle it better. For now, every time I feel I get on top another tidal wave of paperwork comes crashing down over my head. I'm going down for the count. Glad I learned to tread water!

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