Monday, February 27, 2006

A calling

Just tried to wipe off the dry erase marker off my brand new white board that is attached to the inside of my new computer armoire. It's not coming off! I guess it's really a white board as oppsed to a dry erase board. Okay, later today I will try rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, I've heard that hairspray might work. Okay, it'll be okay. I didn't ruin my brand new armoire. Really I didn't.

The boys' party went great. One of the moms came up to me after I was done doing some songs and activities with all the kids. She said, "When are you going back to teaching? Clearly it's your calling!" Wow, that felt great. And, not trying to sound full of myself, I know it is. It's nice to have something in my life that I know I'm good at. Especially since it's clearly not mainting white boards! Okay, letting it go . . . I'm so grateful I have the teaching opportunities I have to teach at my synagogue. I teach kindergarten Sunday School. We have a curriculum, and there are two different one and a half hour sessions. I also teach resource room Hebrew school - the place all those kids go that just aren't catching on to learning a new language, or that come into the year brand new but three years older than all the other kids, or are younger than but more advanced than all the kids in their class. I get them all. Currently I have eight kids at four different levels. Piece of cake. But I like the challenge and I like that I can provide meaningful activities for the kids to work on while I'm working with other kids. I also teach the preschool Shabbat program on Fridays. Really nice to see the little kids chanting the prayers that I have taught them. I'm done the Mom's Morning Out program that I started two years ago. We have a make-up session on Thursday and then that's it. I'm glad, but also kind of sad. It was a great opportunity for me to teach preschoolers, but it's also kind of tough to teach a group of kids that contain my three. I KNOW they act differently for me than they do for others, and that's not surprising - just frustrating. So that was kind of rambling, but bottom line, I love teaching, am grateful that I can teach at the synagogue, and am also looking forward to having a full-time classroom again, way off in the distance.

DH is going to be home at 3:30 today, instead of his "usual" 11:00. Woohoo!!!! I have a ton of stuff that I hope to get done during the two hours before I have to get ready for Hebrew School. As for now, we're late. Have to get two of the three dressed, get shoes on all of them, get them all cleaned up, help them pick out show and tell, and get their coats on. Once I drop the boys off, J and I are going to the produce store to get all our produce and then to the library for a parent/child workshop. When that's done I'll have time to pick out a few books and then pick up the boys. Gotta go!

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Chaotic Mom said...

Sounds like your boys had a wonderful party! :)

I found a "magic eraser" that might help. It's that white, sponge like things that's supposed to take crayon off walls. I gave one to Tommy's therapist to clean her board, and it worked. I think I have one here, will check the name later.