Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back from my weekend away

I had an amazing time at my scrapbooking weekend, really incredible. I got almost the whole year of 2005 scrapped (40 pages) and laughed so hard I literally almost peed in my pants. It was one the best weekends I ever had.

That being said, there is always such a harsh letdown after such a high it leaves me breathless. Part of it is from being tired (Saturday night we stayed up until 4:30 in the morning, then I got up at 8:30 to eat breakfast and get more done), but part of it is just changing gears. It's tough to do! I kind of feel like a train - moving so fast in one direction and then all of a sudden having to screech on the brakes and start moving in the other direction. I almost hear the chugga-chugga slowly slowly starting as we begin to move.

I'm making some tough discoveries about what I feel to be my lazy ass style of parenting lately, and I'm not really happy with myself as a mom. Don't have time to get into it now, but have made some decisions that I will write about soon.

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Elaine said...

Would you believe I have never gone on a scrapbooking weekend away? Ever. I've hosted all-day crops for multiple days in my home, but I've never GONE to one. :(

I got a lot of scrapping done this weekend, too... 2005 is caught up (and journaled) to mid-October (haven't ordered pictures from after that yet), and Alice's baby book is almost done. I'm most excited about that last one -- I HATE doing baby books. Ugh. I love looking at them, HATE making them. When that one's done, I'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Congrats on a good weekend, and I know what you mean about the letdown! It's hard to jump feetfirst back into responsibility.