Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spinning in circles

I'm breaking the cycle today.
One thing that is overwhelming me is paperwork ad nauseum. For running the house, for the kids, for bills, for the MOMS Club. It's too much. I'm going to use the fact that I just bought a new computer armoire as impetus to clean it out. I have a friend's husband coming over tomorrow morning to put it together, and I have (hopefully) someone from Freecycle coming to pick up the old one tonight. So my plan is to take every scrap of paper out of this armoire (it's a lot), box it up, and sort it on the dining room table. I'm going to push the table first into the corner of the room so the kids will have more room to play since they will not be able to play in the playroom while the new armoire is being put together. Should be fun with the three extra kids here for my MMO. In any case, once the papers are on the table, I will sort them by category and put them into folders - To Do and To File - for the various things I do (teaching at the Temple, MOMS Club, Bills/house paperwork, kids). There are certain things that I'm so far behind in, so hopefully I can get them accomplished too.
Okay, here goes.

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