Monday, February 27, 2006

Spinning so fast the room moves with me

As per usual, things are spinning so much out of control it's hard to figure out how to reign them in and what to focus on first. I guess my first job is to quickly clear off the white board so I can write a to do list. I have a bunch of MOMS Club stuff that I'm really behind in, so I need to jump on that, and I also have a ton of laundry to finish, but can't get to the machines yet because I piled up a ton of stuff on top of/in front of them on Saturday in prep for the boys' birthday party (yes, I had to do a stash and dash for those of you who know FLYlady), so I can't do the laundry until I clear out the stuff. But I also have these important eval papers I have to fill out for A to get the ball rolling for evaluations for him from the IU. Plus I have to organize and tackle my taxes to get that refund back. Plus I never totally finished organizing the stuff coming back into this computer armoire, so I have some paper stuff that is homeless. Plus I have the bills to get finished. Plus I have Hebrew School tonight and have to finish my plans. Plus I have to finish cleaning the house from the party. That's why I feel out of control. Aaargh!

And then this morning I did something so dumb. I wear glasses for reading not because I have a vision problem but because my muscle in the one eye is weird and needs the extra support. If I don't wear them, after a couple minutes my eye starts turning in. Well, I only had a few minutes this morning to read and didn't feel like going downstairs. Dumb. I ended up so dizzy this morning I thought I was going to throw up all over the place. When I'm sick like that I have no patience and found myself yelling more than I needed to. But every time I moved my eyes the whole room kind of tilted with me. Blech. It really took the whole morning to get better.

Okay, I'm ready to make a dent in my list. Plus DH will be home relatively soon so he can (hopefully take over with the kids). That would help me get even more done. Here goes.


Chaotic Mom said...

Rachel, I'm sending energetic thoughts your way!

Whitewhitch said...

I was a SAHM for many years...really enjoyed it. My children(!) are now 29 and 30 and l am SO glad l spent so much time with them. I am now an artist, photographer and Outreach Tutor of Art and Craft. I am learning scrapbooking and also make cards. You may enjoy my blog but then may not! Keep smiling!